Mamma Mia! This Picturesque Italian Town Will Pay You to Live There

Have you ever dreamed about living in Italy and walking the historic streets in between slices of pizza? If so, a beautiful Italian town has come up with a plan to get people to move to the area.

With just 2,700 residents, the small medieval town of Candela in southern Italy has been trying to cope with its decreasing population and the mayor, Nicola Gatta, wants to restore it to its former glory.

If you’re interested in moving to the town, a single person will receive €800, couples will receive €1,200, while families of three get €1,500 to €1,800. Families of four to five will receive €2,000.

Italian Town

There are, however, three conditions to moving to Candela. New residents must take up residency in the town, they must also rent a home and finally, they must have a yearly salary of at least €7,500 euros.

Speaking to CNN, Candela resident Francesco Delvecchio, said: “It’s a quiet and simple lifestyle. No crowds, easy to move around, no traffic nor smog.”

The mayor also revealed that there hasn’t been a crime in the picturesque town in 20 years – sounds pretty tempting doesn’t it? So far, six families have settled in and five more have applied. What are you waiting for?

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