An Island of Wine Exists and it Looks Out of this World

An Island of Wine Exists and it Looks Out of this World

The island of Pico, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, belongs to a paradisiacal archipelago of nine islands known as the Azores, part of Portugal but 1,450 km away from Lisbon. It’s rich wine culture and prolific vineyards have earned it the nickname of the Island of Wine.

The island is the biggest of the Azores and it hosts an eponymous volcano, Ponta do Pico, which provides the soils of the region with a distinctive cocktail of minerals that contributes to the uniqueness of the wines coming from the area.

Its particular viticultural heritage has even earned Pico the protection of UNESCO, and the island’s over 980 hectares of vineyards were designated as World Heritage Site in 2004.

With amazing wines, otherworldly landscapes, exciting hike trails and a treasure for speleologists, whale watchers and geoturism in general, the Island of Wine is definitively worth a visit, both for its one of a kind wine region and for its natural and cultural wonders.

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