“Dublin’s Own” Returns: Irish Whiskey D.W.D. Heritage Edition Just Launched

"Dublin's Own" Returns: Irish Whiskey D.W.D. Heritage Edition Just Launched

Last Tuesday, 17th of October 2017, whiskey lovers welcomed a new Irish whiskey: D.W.D. Heritage Edition, launched on the 71th anniversary of the day after the original D.W.D. Distillery was sold at auction.

Media and personalities from the whiskey industry gathered at Fire Restaurant for a first taste of a spirit that carries a name that once was synonym with fine Irish whiskey and which has been timely revived, as the category continues to grow.

"Dublin's Own" Returns: Irish Whiskey D.W.D. Heritage Edition Just Launched

The original Dublin Whiskey Company was one of the six great Irish whiskey distilleries in Dublin in the 19th century. Its construction began in 1872 and by 1973 it had produced its first mash.

It was one of the most modern distilleries of its time, located on the north side of Dublin. It functioned until 1945, but its legacy can still be spotted across Dublin; for example, numerous pubs still feature DWD mirrors.

The name was brought back in 2014 when former Diageo and Glanbia executive Lorcan Rossi founded the brand in its contemporary form. Last year, it was reported by the Irish Independent that an investment of €500,000 was destined to this project by high profile backers including Kevin Toland, Gregory Sparks and Larry Murrin. The last two, along with Lorcan Rossi are the company’s directors.

“The premature demise of D.W.D., founded in 1872, and broken up and sold off piecemeal in 1946, was described as ‘one of the greatest scandals that ever happened to this country’. At a time of renaissance in Irish whiskey, and having discovered the true story of D.W.D., it was a clear decision on our part to resurrect and redeem this iconic Irish brand” said Lorcan Rossi, CEO Dublin Whiskey Distillery Company Ltd.

"Dublin's Own" Returns: Irish Whiskey D.W.D. Heritage Edition Just Launched

This first release reflects the changes in emphasis and preferences in the Irish whiskey over the decades. They’ve aimed to create a whiskey that reflects “how the original D.W.D. expressions would have evolved with a quality worthy of the D.W.D. name and legacy of its original founder, John Brannick.”

Heritage D.W.D is priced at €48 and it’s available now at The Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson Street, at The Loop: Dublin Airport Shopping and in selected bars around Dublin City.

More information: twitter.com/DwdWhiskey




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