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Irish Stew Recipe by Executive Head Chef Noel McMeel at Lough Erne Resort

This Irish Stew Recipe was created by Chef Noel McMeel from Lough Erne Resort. Speaking about the recipe, Noel says: “We Irish really know how to make great stews. Irish stew is traditionally made with lamb or mutton, but many Irish families would have used beef for special occasions, especially on St Patrick’s Day, to create a delicious celebratory meal bursting with fork-tender vegetables and luscious Irish beef.
This is what I call real comfort food – and good all year round.”


3lb stewing beef, cut into cubes
175g streaky bacon
3 tbsp. olive oil
12 baby onions, peeled
3 small parsnips
3 carrots, cut into quarters or 12 baby carrots, scrubbed and left whole
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp. chopped thyme
2 tbsp. chopped parsley
10 cloves of garlic, crushed and grated
425ml red wine
425ml chicken or beef stock


50g butter

50g flour


1. Brown the beef and bacon in the olive oil in a hot casserole or heavy saucepan. 
Remove the meat and toss in the onions, parsnips and carrots, one ingredient at a time, seasoning each time.
2. Place these back in the casserole, along with the herbs and garlic.
Cover with red wine and stock and simmer for one hour or until the meat and vegetables are cooked.
3. To make the roux, in a separate pan melt the butter, add the flour and cook for two minutes.
When the stew is cooked, remove the meat and vegetables.
4. Bring the remaining liquid to the boil and add one tbsp of roux. 
Whisk the mixture until the roux is broken up and the juices have thickened, allowing it to come to the boil.
5. Replace the meat and vegetables, and taste for seasoning.
 Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve with champ.


Noel McMeel2Noel is the Executive Head Chef at the five star Lough Erne Resort in Co. Fermanagh. He has worked in some of the top restaurants in the world alongside renowned chefs Paul Rankin, Jean-Louis Palladin and Alice Waters. After working all over Northern Ireland and opening his own restaurant, Trompets, Noel spent seven years as Executive Head Chef at Castle Leslie, Co. Monaghan before moving to Lough Erne.

The resort offers a variety of innovative dining experiences, all of which have quality and authenticity at their heart. From the award winning Catalina Restaurant to the Loughside Bar & Grill, Noel and his team cater to all dining needs. The innovative Halfway House offers light bites to golfers enjoying the Nick Faldo course and a range of Afternoon Teas are available in the Blarney Bar.

Noel’s philosophy at Lough Erne is about finding the very best local ingredients and letting the natural flavour of the food shine through simple cooking. His commitment to supporting local farms and producers has established Noel as a hero of the Northern Irish food industry.

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