Irish Food Guild Announces New Social Responsibility Award

This year, for the first time, the Irish Food Writers’ Guild is presenting a Social Responsibility Award. This will run parallel to its annual IFWG Food Awards, which have been in existence since 1993 and are presented in the spring of every year.

The new annual Social Responsibility Award will be given to an individual, business or other organisation involved in food that, in the opinion of the Guild, is outstanding in the way that it embraces an ethos of social responsibility.

For example, the award might go to a community kitchen or garden, to a food education project or to a food business that donates a portion of its profits back to the community. It could go to an ethical food entrepreneur, a chef or a retail business. It could go to a large-scale national project or a small project based in one community. The important considerations are that the project is well managed and transparent and that it has a positive relationship with the community in which it operates.


Unlike the Guild’s annual IFWG Food Awards (for which nominations come solely from Guild members), individuals, businesses and organisations can nominate themselves or others for this award. The Guild will be accepting nominations for this award up to and including July 31st. The award will be judged by the members of the Guild and the winner announced in October.

The award is being co-ordinated by Guild members Corinna Hardgrave and Katy McGuinness and entry forms are available from the Guild secretary, Kristin Jensen, at There is no entry fee.

Aoife Carrigy, Chairperson of the IFWG, said:

In the last 18 months the Guild has seen an influx of new members joining the ranks of some of the most long-established and respected food writers in the country. We have taken the opportunity to become a more active Guild and to seek ways in which we might extend the support that Guild members give one another to others working in Irish food today. It is in this spirit that we are introducing this exciting inaugural Social Responsibility Award, to exist alongside our well-established annual IFWG Food Awards.”


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