Irish Craft Cider Finnbarra to be Distributed in France by Carlsberg

The Nohoval Drinks Company has just signed a five year contract that will see their Irish craft cider Finnbarra distributed and sold nationwide across France.

This is the largest contract ever for the family owned cider producer which is based in Nohoval, a small township in County Cork. For Daniel and Geraldine Emerson, this deal will significantly increase sales and production at their facility with the order for first three years alone matching their entire 2015 output.

The contract was signed with House of Beer, a French subsidiary of Carlsberg who specialise in in premium, international beers. Finnbarra is the first cider they have signed to the range as the group has identified a growing demand for natural craft cider.

The 100% pure apple juice composition of Finbarra was a key factor in its selection as it speaks to a market that is currently dominated by mass-produced cider brands. Having 100% apple juice creates a tastier, healthier drink with less sugar.

Commenting on the announcement Arthur Lenormand, House of Beer’s Marketing Director said: “The French market is cornered between Brittany farmhouse and overseas industrial ciders. As with the micro beer sector, wherein lies our established expertise, we are convinced that there is a latent demand amongst French consumers for a new taste experience which will change their patterns of consumption. As a result we are delighted to be able to introduce Finnbarra to them. To enlighten and delight the French consumer with a different style of cider is an exciting challenge and we’re aiming to achieve that with a product of outstanding quality.”

Speaking about the contract, producer Daniel Emerson said: “This is a landmark deal for us on several levels. A large five year contract for a six year old company allows us to plan our business with greater confidence. That this contract is for a market of 63 million people and with a subsidiary of Carlsberg is a significant endorsement of both our business and our cider.”

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