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artisan christmas gifts
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Irish Artisan Christmas Gifts Perfect For Your Next Foodie Kris Kindle

These artisan Christmas gifts are perfect as a stocking filler or for your next Kris Kindle with your foodie friends. These gifts won’t burn a hole in your wallet but they’ll create a Santa-shaped hole in your loved ones’ heart. You’ll be supporting a small Irish business, making a friend happy, and possibly getting some inspiration to treat yourself too!


artisan christmas gifts

Chocolahics know about Braw and their incredible chocolates and brownies. Though their Bren the Bear, filled with gingerbread marshmallow, is only available for collection from their Limerick location (very jealous of those of you who are Limerick-based!), fret not, for you can still get your Braw fix. Three gorgeous Braw Christmas bars are available for delivery nationwide, so your Secret Santa recipient can still delight in some tasty artisan chocolates. You’ll get a mince pie bar with dried fruits and crumbled shortbread, a candied pistachio bar, and a classic peppermint fondant for those festive flavours.

Achill Island Sea Salted Caramel Fudge

artisan christmas gifts

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fudge? Salted caramel is certainly one of the better dessert flavours that has taken all treats by storm, and what better than some good old Irish sea salt thrown into the mix? If your recipient has a sweet tooth, they’ll love the Achill Island Sea Salt caramel fudge – we certainly do!

Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Chocolate and Cheese Hamper

Velvet Cloud are brilliant producers of some of the best dairy around. Chefs rave about their produce, so it only makes sense that your foodie friend receives a gift from the best of the best! A cheese hamper always goes down a treat, and the Velvet Cloud Hamper is filled with 2 of their award-winning semi-hard sheep’s cheese, a limited edition cheese and a creamy soft sheep’s cheese, plus a free gift card! If your friend has more of a sweet tooth, Velvet Cloud’s sheep’s milk chocolate, beautifully hand-designed for that special touch, will go down a treat too.

Harry’s Nut Butter Christmas Truffles

artisan christmas gifts

Harry’s Nut Butter have a huge fanbase here, and for very good reason! Their nut butters are always a no-brainer, but why not go that extra mile and get your food-lover friend one of their hazelnut and cacao chocolate truffles for their stocking filler this year. Plant-based, festive and a guaranteed win – what’s not to love?

Grá’s Chocolate Christmas Crackers & Baubles

Gráinne Mullins’ business has taken Ireland by storm – Grá’s Chocolates are the perfect gift any time of year. These beautiful, hand-crafted jewels are almost too pretty to eat, with a range of flavours to choose from. This festive season, their decadent Christmas baubles are back in a three flavours: Berry Christmas: white chocolate filled with a cranberry Pate de Fruit; Ginger Bell Rock: milk chocolate sprinkled with gingerbread pieces, coated with blonde chocolate and crystallised ginger; and Christmas Spirit: dark chocolate filled with Connemara whiskey fudge and candied orange pieces. Grá also have a fabulous Christmas cracker bundle of 6, to make those dinner parties that much more exciting, because a Gingerbread House chocolate, a paper crown and hilarious joke are what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Craft Cocktails

artisan christmas gifts

If your giftee doesn’t take themselves as much of a bartender but still loves a good cocktail, these festive Craft Cocktails are ready to drink and enjoy. All handmade using natural, 100% Irish ingredients, they’re great as both a stocking filler or a larger gift! Choose from a Mistletoe MargaritaGingerbread Punch or a Festive Old Fashioned – there’s something for everyone to enjoy a boujie Christmas tipple at home.

Second Street BakeShop Gift Box

artisan christmas gifts

Second Street Bakeshop are award-winning artisans based in Cork, and they’ve got the perfect gift box for your chocolate-loving friends. Made with premium, all-natural ingredients, they’ve created an American-style Confectionary Gift Box, with two new flavours! Their decadent, buttery-rich Toffee Brittle comes with either a chocolatey hazelnut and a festive peppermnit – delish.

Builín Blasta Gift Pack

artisan christmas gifts

If your friend loves all things condiments, whether it’s a salsa, a chutney, a jam or a dip, then this Builín Blasta gift pack is a no brainer. You can choose 2, 3 or 4 from any of the Builín Blasta range to pop into this pack – we are big fans of their smoked onion mayo, which is insanely delicious on just about everything and we’re convinced everyone’s Christmas sandwich needs a dollop of it. 

Chocolatey Clare Artist Edition Bars

Chocolatey Clare have recently launched their Artist Edition range of chocolate bars, which would be a perfect addition to someone’s Kris Kindle gift. This collection was designed in collaboration with Clara Ryder, an exceptionally talented visually impaired Irish artist. Clare’s mission is to create the finest vegan chocolates using premium planet-friendly ingredients and beautiful plastic-free packaging, so your gift would not only taste delicious, you’re also supporting a great business!

Nobó Spreads

artisan christmas gifts

Using minimal, high quality ingredients is what Nobó is all about! We all know and love their dairy-free chocolates and ice creams, but their spreads are truly something to write home about. Taking every bit of self-control not to spoon these spreads straight into your mouth, one or two of these thrown into a stocking filler or as part of a foodie friend’s gift is always a good idea. In particular, this silky roasted pistachio spread is ideal drizzled over some brownies or into a morning smoothie.

Mallow Mia Marshmallow Toasting Box

artisan christmas gifts

Nothing says Christmas quite like a hot chocolate, and what goes better with a hot chocolate than some roasted marshmallows? Caboose have created a wonderful marshmallow toasting box with Mallow Mia marshmallows, which includes 3 different marshmallow flavours of your choice, 12 bamboo skewers and a reusable marshmallow table top burner, so you can get all the campfire feels without standing out in the freezing cold! It’s a great festive activity for a group get together, you can get cosied up on the couch with your toasty marshmallows and a Christmas film. And really, what’s better than a gift you can all use?

Clo Chocolates Christmas Collection

We are big fans of Clo Chocolates here at the taste, in particular, their Athru whiskey chocolates, because who doesn’t love a bit of a boozy punch in their chocolate? For Christmas, Clo’s chocolate Christmas tree is not your basic bar – it’s full of festive flavours like candied orange and cranberries. They’ve also got an adorable milk chocolate Santa, or some decadent Christmas hot chocolate bombs filled with mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings. Your recipient is sure to love whichever one you choose (and if they’re a chocaholic, all three work just as well!)

Whitebox Cocktails

Another ready-to-drink cocktail comes in the form of these little pocket rockets! Whitebox cocktails was founded by Alex Lawrence and Pietro Collina, who are two of the world’s top bartenders, so you can guarantee that these cocktails are great. They’ve got a range of gift packs for your cocktail-loving friends, from Christmas crackers with their tasty cocktails inside, to cocktail selection boxes, to gift sets of their signature pocket rocket cans for the ultimate experience.

Wexford Home Preserves Brandy butter

artisan christmas gifts

Based in the heart of Wexford, this family owned business make their own jams, preserves, and in this case, luxury brandy butter. An added boozy kick to your butter would truly be the embodiment of Christmas, especially if this is spread on some warm mince pies or your Christmas pudding – drooling!

Irish Artisan Christmas Gifts by Sara Abdulmagid

I’m a Palestinian who grew up in Cyprus and moved to Dublin in 2013, so I’ve had a mishmash of different cultures and cuisines surrounding me my whole life. I’m an avid foodie, and after realising that life as a lawyer was not for me, I studied media and became a radio host for Dublin City FM. I’m now writing for TheTaste full time, but I also have my own food blog where you can find a mixture of restaurant reviews and the occasional recipe. I talk a lot about being Palestinian; to be honest, I talk a lot in general. That’s why I did radio!

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