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Balfes Oat Pancakes with Mixed Berries
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What Are You Eating? Here Are Ireland’s Most Googled Recipes For 2017

How do you think your cooking habits compare to the rest of the country? As the year draws to an end, Google has released Ireland’s most searched for recipes of 2017 and the results might surprise you.

Spaghetti Bolognese claimed the top spot in the analysis, which may indicate that the easy-to-prepare food was being prepared in households across the country this year.

Other recipes at the top of the list include Chilli Con Carne and Beef Stroganoff. Further down the list, the nation’s sweet tooth took over, with Pavlova, Banana Bread and Banoffee Pie all making the list.


The study also examined Ireland’s searches with regard to sporting events, movies, events and ‘What is..?’.

Check out the full list of most googles recipes below:

1. Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe
2. Chilli Con Carne Recipe
3. Beef Stroganoff Recipe
4. Guacamole Recipe
5. Pavlova Recipe
6. Banana Bread Recipe
7. Pancake Recipe
8. Scone Recipe
9. Banoffee Pie Recipe
10. Fish Pie Recipe

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