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Ireland's Excise on Wine is 106 Times Higher than France's featured
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Ireland’s Excise on Wine is 106 Times Higher than France’s

The Irish Wine Association (IWA) has released its annual report, offering a view on the state of the industry in the country for 2017. The figures show continued sales growth and indicate the preferences of consumers as well as the impact of the wine trade for the Irish economy.

Here are 5 things you need to know about this year’s IWA report…

1. Ireland Has the Highest Excise Duty on Wine in the EU

At €3.19, the country’s excise on wine is 106 times higher than France’s (€0.3), and also the highest in the continent. The association has called for this tax to be reduced, pointing out that it translates in high prices in wine that ultimately affect the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors.

2. Chilean Wine is the Most Popular

Wines from Chile are the best-selling in the country, with 25.6% of market share. Australia took the second place with 17.7% followed by France with 12.9%. The rest of the top 5 is comprised of Spain with 12.3% and Italy with 9.7%.

3. The Wine Industry Creates 1,100 Direct Jobs in Ireland

Besides the 1,100 people working directly in the Irish wine industry, there are 13,000 workers in restaurants, pubs and hotels which sell and serve wine.

4. Ireland Prefers White Wine by a Small Margin

White wine is the most popular, with 50% of consumers preferring it, followed closely by red, with 47%. Rosé only gets 3%.

5. Sales of Wine in Ireland Keep Going Up

On 2016, a total of €380 million were collected in excise receipts, which represents an increase of 7.4% compared to 2015, when the contribution reached €355 million.

Below an infographic with more facts and figures about the state of the wine industry in Ireland…

Ireland's Excise on Wine is 106 Times Higher than France's featured

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