Inventing New Flavours at The Liquor Rooms

Thursday saw the launch of the Flavour Inventors at The Liquor Rooms, a new cocktail menu that combines classic favourites with brand new twists. Celebrating all things craft cocktail and reflecting the creativity that goes into each and every glass, the Flavour Inventors menu provides a flavour wheel to help guests uncover new taste combinations.

Fergus O’Leary, Alan McGillivray and the award winning mixology team at the Wellington Quay drinking den were on hand to explain the many exotic ingredients that go into premium craft cocktails. They also showcased a sumptuous array of homemade cordials, tonics and brews that are developed over weeks and months behind the scenes, the extra special ingredients that elevate the craft cocktail experience.

The evening also launched an eclectic mix of live happenings now running at The Liquor Rooms seven nights a week, from spoken word and world music nights to vinyl listening parties and literary evenings, with many happenings taking place in conjunction with Irish Design 2015.

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