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Introducing SPOOND A Luxurious New Hot Chocolate To Ireland

Spoond is a rich new hot chocolate product created by Dubliner Emi Takakura and is the first of its kind in Ireland. Founded in 2021, Spoond is already enjoying success with a Blas na hÉireann award under its belt.

Created from a cocoa mix with luxurious Belgian milk chocolate flakes, Spoond is a thick and creamy European style hot chocolate made in Dublin. Emi Takakura wanted to introduce this richer style to an Irish audience who are more used to the sweeter American product.

I’m half Japanese/half Irish and I first got interested in food as a child and used to sell cookies in my neighbourhood aged 8! I have lived in Tokyo which has a very diverse food culture and have been very influenced and inspired by that. My career to date has been in the food and drinks sector in Ireland, Tokyo, Shanghai and New York and I wanted to design a new product that didn’t exist in Ireland.

I have always been passionate about chocolate and love experimenting and improving recipes. Traditional hot chocolate is too sweet and too liquidy in my opinion so I set out to create a thicker, richer, more chocolately one using luxurious Belgian chocolate flakes. Hot chocolate is mostly seen as a drink for children but Spoond is a more sophisticated product which will appeal more to adults and is a lovely treat to enjoy at home” says Emi.

Spoond is available in two different flavours – Dark Milk Chocolate and Malted Milk Chocolate. Each tub makes seven hot chocolates and can be mixed with any type of milk, Emi recommends using whole milk or a high quality oat milk to create the best tasting results.

Spoond products are available HERE and from a selection of independent stores including Wilde & Green in Milltown, As One on City Quay, Dublin, Builin Blasta Café & Bakery in Spiddal, Camerino Bakery & Café on Capel St and Merrion Sq Dublin, Ennis Butchers Rialto, Indie Fude Belfast and Madden’s Café Tralee.

Gift sets are also available and include a tub of Spoond along with a ceramic mug and pack of Belgian chocolate flakes to add to your cup to make it even more luxurious. A gorgeous gift to send to a chocolate lover this Easter.

View a full product list here

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