Celebrate International Stout Day at the Iconic Guinness Storehouse

International Stout Day

Halloween has just left the building and the party season has officially begun. However, you would be forgiven if you thought the next big event was Christmas, but you are mistaken because today is International Stout Day of course!

From the 1st – 4th of November, join in the celebrations for International Stout Day and enjoy a glass (or pint!) of this intensely dark drink.

Throughout the four days, join Guinness for fun and festivities as they host pop up entertainment, some specifically designed stout menus, live music and the best DJ’s to help you dance the night away.

You will also have the opportunity to discover a secret stout that has been created especially for International Stout Day. This bespoke beverage is available exclusively at the Guinness Storehouse for the duration of the festival.

International Stout Day

Add to your experience by joining Guinness Storehouse on one of their famous beer tours. At the storehouse, you will get the chance to taste Guinness Foreign Extra – the brand’s oldest stout recipe, as well as the much loved Guinness Draught.

Taste other blends during your visit such as their Dublin Porter, West Indies Porter, and Guinness Extra.

Sip your pint in the Gravity Bar as you enjoy a 360-degree view across Dublin city. Sip a pint of the black stuff as you take in the magnificent skyline. Why not make this year’s festival even more memorable by making your own bespoke pint?

To mark International Stout day the Guinness Storehouse has created The STOUTie! Pushing the boundaries, this one of a kind drink uses the latest technology to add millions of malt molecules to the top of your Guinness to create your chosen picture – go from selfie to STOUTie in record time!


International Stout Day is now in its 7th year and is celebrated all over the world. Similar to wine, stout has a rich history which is greatly influenced by the people producing it. So raise a glass to this historic drink and toast to its legacy.

Tickets for the festival start at €18.50 and can be purchased here. Tickets include complimentary tickets for exclusive tastings from the exciting range available at the storehouse.

For more information, please visit guinness-storehouse.com.

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