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IdleWild - Fade Street
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Friend’s Central Perk Gets Pub Doppleganger: IdleWild, Dublin 2 – Bar Review

Nestled right in the heart of Dublin city’s creative quarter, IdleWild is a relatively new bar that many have surely been passed by unnoticed. There are few identifying features outside other than a small neon BAR sign and the backlit sign tucked away deep into the entrance way. But what lies behind the stained glass façade is a stunning and meticulously designed room that oozes both class and comfort in equal measure.

Friend’s ‘Central Perk’ Gets Pub Doppleganger – IdleWild, Dublin 2

With an open fireplace adding to the magnetism on a cold winter’s day (we can forgive them for opting for the clean and more convenient gas option) this is the type of bar you would be easily drawn to when meandering around the city on a weekday afternoon or looking to catch up with friends over a casual pint.

Friend’s ‘Central Perk’ Gets Pub Doppleganger – IdleWild, Dublin 2

Lounging across from each other on two plush green couches, drinks resting atop a large vintage travel case adorned with a scattering of popular magazines, the environment really is one of relaxation, with a vibe reminiscent of the famous Central Perk scenes from that ever repeating 90’s sitcom.

There is a respectable range of beers available here considering the size of the small bar. With all the usual suspects there is but two sole taps reserved for Irish Craft Beer, one of which is under long-term occupation by a Rascals Brewing beer that has been produced especially in conjunction with IdleWild themselves, ‘Swingin Affair’.

A juicy IPA, this is a stellar choice for a house beer. However the collaborations with the Rathcoole based brewery do not stop here. With a limited run ‘Strawberry Vanilla Shake’ ale drawing in both craft beer and milkshake enthusiasts from far and near whenever it is pouring. It is a special connection between bar and brewery on display here.

As the name would suggest this is a bar that it is quite easy to lose hours to by idly laying around the couches as the day passes by outside without any indication. Although there may not be dancing on the bar, or any such behaviour of a ‘wild’ nature in the evening, there is a great buzz around the small room as the hours continue to tick on into the late of night. A true hidden gem.

Idlewild Bar
14 Fade St, Dublin 2
T: (01) 253 0593
F: Idlewild Dublin


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