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Iced Coffee Lemonade: Why you Should Try this Unusual Mix
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Iced Coffee Lemonade: Why you Should Try this Unusual Mix

The combination of iced coffee lemonade might sound strange, but if you think about it, iced tea and lemon is a classic. With summer still on, we’ve stumbled on this blend on Canadian and American trend finder websites and, with its caffeine kick and fruity, mouth-watering touch of lemon, the result is an explosion of flavour that’s perfect to sip on a hot day.

And while it’s a relatively obscure coffee drink in many places, some countries have enjoyed it traditionally: Sweedish have their Kaffelemonad and in Portugal you can find it as Mazagran (sometimes a drop of rum is involved). This version of the drink originated in Algeria and is also drunk in Austria and some parts of France.

To make coffee lemonade at home, opt for a light roast coffee with a mild flavour profile like an Ethiopian or Colombian. Fill a glass with ice cubes then add lemon juice to taste, then the espresso and top it with water. For an extra refreshing twist, you can use sparkling water.

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