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Oh No! There Could be an Ice Cream Shortage on One the Hottest Days of the Year

The weather is expected to reach 27 degrees today and on a day like that, there’s nothing we want more than a refreshing ice cream. Unfortunately, it seems as if an ice cream shortage may prevent seaside destination Howth from supplying us with that all-important treat.

A planned power outage by the ESB is due to take place from 9am to 5pm today, causing all ice cream to melt coffee machines to cease. Could there be anything worse than an ice cream shortage?

In a statement to the Irish Times, ESB said that not all areas of Howth will be affected: “We acknowledge the obvious inconvenience this causes to customers and thank them for their co-operation.

These essential planned outages are to facilitate the strengthening of the electricity network in the area, bringing greater reliability and resilience of supply to each customer.

Unfortunately, such planned outages are required for important work across our electricity network.”

We’ll have to hope that the potential issues are solved when we pop out to Howth for a post-work ice cream later this evening.

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