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I Want to Create a Community of Wine Lovers in Ireland Jeremy Delannoy from SIYPS
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“I Want to Create a Community of Wine Lovers in Ireland” – Jérémy Delannoy from SIYPS

Jérémy Delannoy knew early in his life he wanted to work in the wine industry and he had the opportunity to gain experience in vineyards and wine fairs across France, his home country. With degrees in Viticulture and Oenology and a Bachelor’s in Business, he soon decided he wanted to be his own boss.

He’s the man behind a new concept in online wine shopping in Ireland: SIYPS, acronym for Sommeliers In Your Pockets, which specialises in high quality European wines at reasonable prices.

While his first idea was to buy a vineyard, research and life events made his plans take a different direction. West, to be precise, and meeting the Irish woman who’d become his wife motivated him to move to Dublin. This was about a year and a half ago and since then, Jérémy has been starting to make a name for himself in the local wine scene:

“I worked at Nomad Wine Importer and at Green Man Wines for a while, which was really good because I was able to meet and talk to a lot of people”, he says, pointing out how valuable that interaction with Irish wine lovers was in helping him understand the preferences and opportunities in the market:

I Want to Create a Community of Wine Lovers in Ireland Jeremy Delannoy from SIYPS (8)

“I discovered that in Ireland, there was something missing in the mid-range”, he says, as he noticed how Irish consumers would often buy wines online from the UK, specially in the segment of high quality, mid-priced bottles, where he saw his niche.

He started to focus on launching SIYPS earlier this year and since day one, numerous sommeliers, suppliers and local wine experts were keen to offer him support and encouragement. “Many people have been very helpful in opening the puzzle of wine”, he adds, mentioning that many sommeliers went out of their way to offer advice and recommendations, “they very kindly helped me, I wasn’t expecting it.”

How Does SIYPS Work?

“There are different ways. You can simply go online and buy the wine you like, and you can ask the shop to remember your details or you can register in the club”, Jérémy explains.

Upon entering the page, you will notice how he aimed to recreate the feeling of shopping in person from a good retailer. You can state your budget and taste preferences in the search engine and suitable recommendations will follow.

Another welcome feature is a proper search engine and once you’ve found a wine you are interested in, you will have access to tasting notes, information on the region and a few other suggested bottles of a similar style.

It’s worth noting that there’s a selection of almost 100 bottles under €20 and nearly twice as many in the €20-€50 range. “This is something for everyone”, Jérémy says, as he has gone the extra mile to ensure the wines he sources offer great quality at every price point.

I Want to Create a Community of Wine Lovers in Ireland Jeremy Delannoy from SIYPS

Besides the regular online shopping, one can also join the SIYPS Wine Club, which will give you access to world-renowned wine experts and a series of interesting wine events. “I want to create a community of wine lovers in Ireland”, he says , adding that besides the lectures, tastings and wine dinners he plans to organise for members, they will have access to rare and hard to find wines at special prices including top Burgundies of which he only gets a tiny allocation.

“I want to sell these special wines to someone who will love them”, Jérémy adds, and he explains that he’d rather offer a special price to a person who’ll drink a wine and cherish it than to sell it for more to a broker or someone who will only see it as a smart investment.

He speaks of the wines in his portfolio like an artist who hopes his pieces are displayed instead of stored, or even like a dog lover who wants to ensure the puppies go home to the right person.

When asked why does that even matter if at the end of the day a sale is a sale, he shows the spark of passion and the eagerness to share that those who have a real calling for wine tend to have: “I just want people to enjoy them. These wines can give so much pleasure!”

But aiming to get special wines in the hands of the right people is just half of the equation, as Jérémy’s efforts have also extended to sourcing them from the right suppliers in the first place. His main criteria? “A wine has to give pleasure” he says. For him, this means that you are awed when you taste them and interested in discovering what they have to offer.

While he didn’t set himself to source a specific type or style, his quest led him consistently into small producers that work organically, and sometimes biodynamically. Regarding the fact that they all are from European countries, he explains that while he is aware there are wonderful bottles from other parts of the world, you do miss a trick if you source an organic wine from a place so remote it leaves a huge carbon footprint.

To give you a few examples of the wines you will find when browsing SIYPS, there’s the Marche Rosso “Il Casolare” 2016, a €13.99 Italian red; Marsannay 2015 by Domaine Charles Audoin at €35.10, and for a Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru “Clos de la Maréchale” 2014 at €86.31. All three are on different price points, however, they’ve two things in common. They offer good value for the quality and come from trusted producers that work ethically to create something special.

Jérémy’s SIYPS is a timely addition to Ireland’s consolidating wine scene. Part club, part online shop, it’s a project that radiates love and respect for wine and for the people who make it and those who enjoy it.

To join the wine club or to browse through the selection of bottles available, visit


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