This time, we've let the stars guide us through a very different set of recommendations to share with you our wine horoscope 2019.
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Your Wine Horoscope 2019 – What to Try According to Your Stars

The new year brings plenty of opportunities to discover and enjoy experiences, places and of course, wines. In the spirit of #tryanuary, the first month of the year is a wonderful opportunity to embrace suggestions and taste your favourites-to-be. This time, we’ve let the stars guide us through a very different set of recommendations to share with you our wine horoscope 2019.

Check out the wines that will delight you according to your star sign and don’t miss our boozy predictions for the twelve constellations.


Wine Horoscope 2019You’re adventurous, passionate and light-hearted.

This year, your spontaneous nature will help you make new friends and you’ll see your social life enhanced.

Fearless and fun, you will be rewarded for seeking the unconventional.

Our boozy prediction: Being the ice-breaker you are, you’ll enjoy exciting conversations about the drinks you love when you step into an independent wine shop and ask the staff questions about the wines they love.

Wines to try: Drink outside the box and try low-intervention wines, sometimes called “natural wines”. Made by small, passionate producers, they’ll offer uniqueness and personality.


Wine Horoscope 2019Intense yet patient, you know good things come to those who wait.

You might be a little bit stubborn but your warmth and sincerity draw people to you.

Keep playing the long game, and your determination will be rewarded!

Our boozy prediction: You will stumble into an aged wine in a style you hadn’t tried before. Take a photo or notes on what it was and get a bottle to keep, after a few years you’ll open it and it’ll bring you great enjoyment.

Wines to try: Your thrist is not for the exotic but for the pleasant presence of what you know and love. Premium Rioja wines will satisfy your taste for a favourite with a few unexpected delights within your comfort zone.


Wine Horoscope 2019Witty and easy-going, you reinvent yourself with ease and don’t fear ambiguity.

You know when to swap between serious and playful, and there is more than one side to your personality.

Our boozy prediction: You’ll love the experience of tasting wine flights that showcase different sides of one variety.

Compare New World vs Old World or young vs barrel-aged to treat yourself to palate-expanding contrasts.

Wines to try: In the spirit of duality, we suggest you compare Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio if you’re into whites, or Grenache and Garnacha if red is more to your liking.


Wine Horoscope 2019It takes time to earn your trust and you might come across as a bit closed or hard when first met.

However, once someone enters your circle, they’ll see your softer side and your warmth and kindness.

Our boozy prediction: If you aim to become a regular at a small wine shop or bar you’ll soon be treated like a friend.

You’ll appreciate the smiling faces and bespoke recommendations of people that genuinely like you.

Wines to try: Explore the lesser known side of France and you’ll discover real diamonds in the rough. These not-so-famous appellations might be hard to crack at the start, but they are filled with treasures waiting to be unearthed.


Wine Horoscope 2019Over the top and glamorous, you don’t settle for the second best.

Ambitious and brave, you’re a natural born leader who likes challenges and attention.

If you manage to keep pride at bay, the world will be yours.

Our boozy prediction: You’ll be handed a wine list and you’ll be tempted to choose a well-known style to impress your party, but if you dare to seek the sommelier’s opinion, you’ll be guided to an unexpected bottle that will wow everyone.

Wines to try: Go for regions of an origin as fiery and bold as yourself. Sicilian wines made in the vicinity of Mount Etna or other wines coming from prestigious lands covered by volcanic soils won’t dissapoint.


Wine Horoscope 2019Generous and smart, your superb attention to detail and conscientious approach to life turn you into the “Monica” of your group, and you’re ok with that.

You’re organised and careful, and enjoy thought-provoking experiences.

Our boozy prediction: This is a great year to start a wine diary (or to expand on it if you already have one!).

Whether it’s pen and paper, or an app like Vivino, keeping a large amount of tidy notes will make you smile.

Wines to try: Drink more Pinot Noir. The variety is infamous for being difficult to grow, so you can rest asure meticulous winemakers are behind fine examples from top regions like Burgundy and Central Otago.


Wine Horoscope 2019You’re all about harmony and balance and you deeply value fairness.

This makes you tactful and diplomatic, although some people might confuse your neutrality for indecisiveness.

Our boozy prediction: In your quest of juggling socialising with time to relax, you will find that a wine club will prove to be a happy compromise.

You’ll enjoy a laid-back activity and make new friends without too much effort.

Wines to try: Find “goldilocks” blends that have just the right amount of tannins and a crowd-pleasing combination of flavours. Wines from France’s Rhone valley and New World bottles made in this style are just ideal.


Wine Horoscope 2019A formidable strategist, you have the intuition and the will-power to go for what you want.

If you’ve been called pragmatic, you’ve considered it a compliment. Enigmatic and hard to read, you know you are not in this world to please everyone.

Our boozy prediction: You’ll bring an unusual bottle of wine to a social occasion and secretly delight yourself by observing the mixed reactions it generates.

Hey, it’s definitively a conversation starter!

Wines to try: Indulge in some love it or hate it wines, no room for blandness in your life. Sherry, in particular, will offer you a whole range of styles that will challenge you in the best possible way.


Wine Horoscope 2019Optimistic and focused, you’re a sharp one and your sense of humour can only be described as “eclectic.”

With all that charisma, it’s no wonder you are the soul of the party and have no trouble making new friends.

Our boozy prediction: You’ll have the time of your life at a wine fair or festival. Tell your friends in advance and turn the occasion into a catch up with those you’ve been meaning to see, and make sure you take your time talking to the winemakers!

Wines to try: Let your wanderlust guide your palate and taste wines from remote and beautiful destinations such as Greece, South Africa and South America. You might even plan a trip and try them in the winery!


Wine Horoscope 2019Insightful and calm, you take your sweet time and consider your options carefully before committing to anything.

You do have a wild side, but you are excellent at knowing when to show restrain and when to let go.

Our boozy prediction: By allowing yourself some time to read more about wine, you’ll appreciate its more intellectual side.

In books, you’ll gain valuable insights about different philosophies and trends.

Wines to try: Wines from regions with high altitude will please you with their tension and complexity. You want more than a fruity sip, so climb to find the Andean side of Chile, the Alps or Austria.


Wine Horoscope 2019Idealistic and creative, you dance to your own beat and have a healthy distrust for authority.

You deeply value honesty and originality.

Unlike many, you don’t fear change, instead, you thrive in new environments.

Our boozy prediction: You’ll travel to a destination you’ve been meaning to visit and you’ll bring back home a special bottle of wine that will become one of your all-time favourites.

Wines to try: Seek wines from pioneers and excentrics, from dreamers and artists that have earned global acclaim while being unapologethically themselves. Check out Gerard Bertrand, De Martino, Viña Leyda or d’Arenberg.


Wine Horoscope 2019Sensitive, emotional and social, you’re a day-dreamer known by your cheerful character and laid-back nature.

You enjoy fantasy and escapism but despite your sunny disposition, deep toughts often run through your mind.

Our boozy prediction: You will be given a bottle of wine and you’ll feel like saving it for a big night, however, temptation to open it will be strong.

Create your own special occasion and share it soon with a small group of friends.

Wines to try: Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles! You know you love Champagne, but how about its Italian sibling Franciacorta? With so many sparkling options out there, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


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Since then, she has written about and worked in the local food scene, and she’s determined to discover and share the different traditions, flavours and places that have led Irish food and drink to fascinate her.

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