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14 Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations That Will Set Your Heart on Fire

How do you possibly decide where to go for your honeymoon? Without even thinking about it, most people will instantly have a few solid ideas for their potentially perfect honeymoon destinations.

After I had been thinking about some of the world’s most beautiful places, I asked some friends where they would imagine having their honeymoon.

Despite not being engaged or married, they all instantly had a few ideas, many of which are considered to be some of the world’s more romantic spots and all beautiful in their own way.

From exotic adventures and tropical island escapes to enchanting cobblestone streets in some of Europe’s most romantic places, here are some of the front runners for spectacular honeymoon destinations, once you make it down the aisle of course.

Santorini, Greek Islands

The white-washed walls of Greece and the Greek Islands are a magnet for visitors. With Santorini the undeniable champion, newlyweds can watch sweeping sunsets, stay in hotels with built-in pools and just escape your daily life.

Say ‘I love you’: S’agapo

Venice, Italy


The floating city of love, newlyweds are constantly drawn to the romantic Italian city. Live out your perfect bella notte with the one you love and don’t forget to ride the famed gondolas.

Say ‘I love you’: Ti amo

Kyoto, Japan

Pink or red? Whichever colour of love you prefer, Kyoto will oblige. Visit this stunning Japanese city during the spring or autumn and make your memories more vivid than you could imagine.

Say ‘I love you’: Aishiteru or Anata ga daisuki desu

Prague, Czech Republic

A popular spot for both weddings and honeymoons, the cobbled streets of Prague are truly romantic. Stroll hand in hand from Prague Castle to Old Town Square, pausing at Charles Bridge for spectacular views at sunset.

Say ‘I love you’: Miluji

Granada, Spain

If you’re planning a honeymoon in Spain, Granada is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities. Right in the heart of Andalucia, spend your days drinking wine and indulging in the meal-sized tapas. Enjoy the views of the Alahambra for the true icing on the cake.

Say ‘I love you’: Te quiero/Te amo

Hoi An, Vietnam

If you want to venture further from home for your honeymoon, why not escape to exotic Vietnam. The city of Hoi An’s impeccably preserved ancient town will be a real highlight during your stay. Depending on how much time you have in Vietnam, you may want to venture off and discover the incredible rice fields and historic temples.

Say ‘I love you’: Anh ye^u em

Paris, France


Paris, the original city of love, simply cannot be excluded from this list. Though it’s quite a populated city, it is still very possible to find a quiet romantic moment to yourself, espeically if you venture away from the main attractions and walk the cobbled streets Le Marais and Montmartre, stopping for the odd glass of wine of course.

Say ‘I love you’: Je t’aims, Je t’adore


Let yourself be transported to Mauritius, a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean. Not the first island on our list, Mauritius will appeal more to those looking for adventure, with jet skiing, windsurfing and all manner of water sports available on the island.

Say ‘I love you’: I love you

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nestled in the south of the country, Mostar is a magical destination and will appeal to all those with romance in their hearts. Stroll along the cobblestone streets and let the twinkling lights from nearby buildings and restaurants lead you to the magnificent bridge, which boats unbeatable views.

Say ‘I love you’: Volim te

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Germany Honeymoon Destinations

This idyllic little German town appears to have been plucked right out of a fairytale story, but Heidelberg is actually quite a vibrant place, with a thriving nightlife, perfect for a fun-loving couple who also appreciate the historic beauty that surrounds them.

Say ‘I love you’: Ich liebe dich

Kerala, India

Kerala has everything you could possibly want from a honeymoon destination, from beaches and majestic hills to blooming gardens and a heart-shaped lake. Stay in a houseboat and sail off into romantic bliss.

Say ‘I love you’: Njan ninne snehikkunnu

Tallin, Estonia

Visit the alluring capital of Estonia on the coast of the Baltic Sea and let yourself be guided through the medieval streets of Tallin, enjoying the cuisine and vibrant culture. Be sure to get lost wandering through the equisite old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Say ‘I love you’: Ma armastan sind

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a picturesque town surrounded by forests, hills and majestic palaces. Located just 30 minutes outside of Lisbon, it’s the perfect spot for romantic woodland walks in beautifully decorated gardens and for gazing up at the extravagant noble residences of the past.

Say ‘I love you’: Eu te amo

The Maldives

The most romantic spot in the world? Many believe so. White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters await you when you visit The Maldives. This is the perfect place to relax with your loved one while forgetting the world outside.

Say ‘I love you’: Aharen Kalaa Dheke Loabivey


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