Love is in The Air – The Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations for 2018 Revealed

Pinterest, the place we all love to spend hours scrolling through in search of inspiration, whether it’s for hotels, honeymoon destinations, outfits, wedding inspiration, and even stationary.

Now, the interest-driven site has revealed the most popular honeymoon destinations for travellers.

Compiled as part of a report on weddings, the survey looks at a number of different categories, including engagement rings, hair, make-up, floral arrangements and cakes.

Honeymoon Destinations

Highlighting a diverse range of destinations, the overall winner was Switzerland, with people pining for the rolling hills, natural landscape and beauty of this European country.

Another popular trend was African Safari Experiences and Bali was also pinned quite a number of times.

Popular boards in the destinations category on Pinterest included the 20 best safari lodges and camps in Africa, the ten most beautiful towns in Switzerland and Bali’s hidden gems.

The appeal of Switzerland is not unknown, with the country recently being voted the Best Country in the World for 2018 by U.S News and World Report ranking.

We are also a fan of Switzerland here at TheTaste and you can read our review of the Valais region here.

If you want to read the complete Pinterest report on the wedding trends of 2018, visit

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