Holy Smoke Cork
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Holy Smoke Restaurant, Cork City

Holy Smoke is an award winning BBQ restaurant located on Sheares Street in Cork. They specialise in pit-smoked barbecue and they serve 100% Irish meat slowly cooked at low temperatures for up to 16 hours.

All of their meat is smoked in-house daily, dry-rubbed with a signature blend of herbs and spices, and cooked using quality woods and 100% chemical-free charcoal.

Internationally-renowned pitmasters, John Relihan and Decky Walsh will deliver an exquisite BBQ experience to both meat lovers and vegetarians.

‘Taste of Cork’ and ‘Chef’s Table’ are two Cork gourmet events held by Holy Smoke. These allow guests to experience the signature BBQ dishes paired with best local craft beers or Irish whiskeys in a private setting.

Woodford Bourne & Co was constructed between 1873 ans 1875 and traded in Cork City for 250 years. It was considered one of the finest in the city and today it continues to be a listed building. The building was restored in 2001 after a fire is now home to Holy Smoke.

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Holy Smoke

Sheares St,

T: 353 (0)21-4273000
E: info@mardyke.com
W: mardyke.com/holy-smoke

Holy Smoke Holy Smoke Holy Smoke



John Relihan

John Relihan is an Irish Food Ambassador and has serious form when it comes to cooking with fire. John was head chef at Jamie Oliver’s Barbeco Smokehouse Restaurant in London and trained with world renowned Pitmaster Adam Perry Lang in cooking ‘low and slow’ and many different fire methods.

After 6 years in the heart of London running the restaurant and foodie festivals, John returned to Ireland and opened Holy Smoke Restaurant in Cork, which in its short time of opening has gathered national and international acclaim.


Decky Walsh

Coming from a farming and produce selling family, Holy Smoke’s head chef Decky Walsh knows the value of great produce and advocates ethical animal treatment. In fact, Decky’s strong belief that animals that feed and nourish us must be respected throughout their journey is reflected in every aspect of his cooking.

Having trained with Irish top chefs, Decky also spent time in Australia discovering the Aussie BBQ style and then introduced the art of cooking low-and- slow to several parts of Ireland.



WEDNESDAY – THURSDAY 16:00 – 22:00

FRIDAY – SATURDAY 16:00 – 22:30

SUNDAY 16:00 – 21:30


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