This Cork Restaurant Has Just Launched a Flaming Delicious Steak Menu

Is there anything more tempting than a flame-kissed, blushingly rare steak? Surely the death row meal of many, it is hard to deny the appeal of such carnivorous delights. Meat lovers will rejoice at the launch of Holy Smoke’s brand new dedicated steak menu, which sounds tempting enough to warrant a trip to Cork.

The award-winning pit-smoked BBQ restaurant on Little Hanover Street will now feature locally sourced steaks, char-grilled over fire and accompanied by a broad range of fire and charcoal-roasted veggies. As well as the show-stopper steaks, there is a revamped, more daring take on the pit-smoked dishes that have become local favourites.

For the centrepiece of the new menu, the steaks, Holy Smoke chefs will serve only grass-fed beef which has been aged for a minimum of 28 days and sourced from selected farms of Munster. The steaks are then grilled over fire using smokeless charcoal sourced from sustainable forests, giving the steaks a unique charred flavour while retaining succulence.

The Steak Menu focuses on the most flavourful cuts – Flat Iron, Picanha, and rump steaks. Flat Iron, otherwise known as the Feather Blade, is tenderized and grilled to medium. Picanha, the most prized meat cut in beef-loving Brazil, is expertly grilled to medium or medium rare. Finally, rump steaks are wet-aged for over 28 days, seasoned and grilled to the guest’s liking over mixed-spice charcoal.

Prepared by the renowned pitmasters John Relihan, former head of Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa Steakhouse, and Decky Walsh, the Holy Smoke steaks are a fantastic addition to the established menu of pit-smoked BBQ dishes that the restaurant is famous for.

The new Holy Smoke menu also features a broad range of added veggies, including fire-roasted butternut squash & beetroot, charcoal-roasted aubergine & char-grilled Portobello mushrooms, meaning Holy Smoke’s appeal extends to meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.

We’re dreaming about a Holy Smoke steak feast already and plotting our next visit – we’ll have one of everything on the new menu.

This tempting new offering is available from Wednesday to Sunday, from 4pm. For more information visit

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