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Here’s Where To Enjoy Some Delicious Mocktails in Dublin

Whether you’re still trucking through Dry January or just want to drink a little less booze, these mocktails in Dublin will save you a little money and can guarantee that there will be no hangovers the next day! You get to feel included in the fun whilst enjoying these unique creations, instead of just having some juice or sparkling water. Try out some of these mocktails in Dublin and thank us later.


If you love a few great tunes as you enjoy a unique drink, Fidelity is the place for you. Their drinks menu is very impressive, and no matter what you order, you’ll be in for a surprise. A candlelit, intimate bar in Smithfield, Fidelity is a great spot to head to after an evening of games at Token or dinner in Mi Casa. The staff are friendly and always willing to make adjustments to your drinks, and their non-alcoholic options are some of the most unique selections around! Expect a fully stocked bar with all the non-alcoholic spirits your heart desires.


A new, and welcome, addition to the non-alcoholic Dublin scene, Board is an N/A space, serving brunch, pizza, coffee, and most importantly, mocktails! With over 200 board games to play, you can enjoy a selection of tasty pizzas (or brunch in the morning) and a fabulous mocktail as your competitive side comes out. None of that ‘mojito, but it’s really Sprite and a mint leaf’ nonsense – Board have got some unique drinks up for grabs that will certainly catch your eye. If you’re craving the flavours of a regular cocktail, you’ll find their takes (but better) on everything from a Pornstar Martini to an Aperol Spritz. They’ve even got some nightcap options, and if you’re not in the mood for a mocktail, a selection of cans, bottles and draught drinks are also available. Play a game, drink a mocktail, and thank us later.

No. 27 Bar at The Shelbourne

If you’re feeling fancy, The Shelbourne is always a good idea. With exceptional service and timeless interiors, you’ll always feel special when you head to the No. 27 Bar, and the non-drinkers are no longer left out of the fun! With a dedicated non-alcoholic section on their drinks menu, their expert bartenders have curated a selection of drinks that will have you trying each one throughout the night. They’ve got both sweet, sour and bitter drinks, really demonstrating the range of options they have for the N/A folks. We’re talking a Virgin Shelbourne Michelada, a low-alcohol Aperol Spritz and even a Virgin Old Fashioned! Plus, there’s a handful of non-alcoholic beers available too, so everyone’s got something to try.

The Sidecar at The Westbury

Staying on the lux vibes, a trip to The Westbury is never complete without a visit to the Sidecar. A section on their drinks menu is dedicated to mocktails, with unique offerings like This Fine Wine Lyin’, featuring an N/A Pinot Noir, their Queen Bee which contains some tasty Eins Zwei Rosé, and plenty more. If you’re in a wine mood, you can also try a glass (or a bottle) of their N/A wine offerings too. We all know that The Westbury is the definition of opulence, so come dressed to the nines for an evening that we’ll guarantee you’ll remember.

Stella Cocktail Club

Whether you’re looking for a post-show tipple or just want a stylish spot to enjoy a couple of drinks, the Stella Cocktail Club is ideal. Perfect for an intimate drink with a date or a friend, if you’re off the booze for the night, their N/A menu will ensure that you’re not missing out on any of the fun. Some of the most affordable options on this list, these drinks come in at only €6.50 each. Enjoy a Spiced Bramble, a Gingerberry Mule, or kick it up a notch with their N/A serves!

Lemon & Duke

Lemon & Duke are most known for their delicious chicken wings, served with either Louisana or sticky hoisin sauce. What better to pair with these crispy wings than a refreshing mocktail? With a fully stocked bar, their drinks menu is full of everything under the sun, so it’s only right for them to have a section dedicated to non-alcoholic drinks. No boring drinks around here – they’ve got everything from the Shamed Zombie Slayer (using N/A rum) to Not A Whiskey Sour (they should call it Better Than A Whiskey Sour!) Enjoy some great music, delicious food and the best vibes as you sip on your non-alcoholic serves.


mocktails in dublin

The famous steakhouse that graced Dublin with it’s presence early last year, Hawksmoor naturally have a comprehensive drinks menu to pair with your flame-grilled steaks. The non-drinkers are included here, with one of their most popular cocktails, Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew, getting the N/A treatment as Steady Pete’s Ginger Brew. A unique, zingy drink that essentially turns into a sweet, ginger-y slushie, this is a deliciously refreshing option that will last you your entire meal! Other drink options include a Sour Cherry Nogroni, and even a non-alcoholic Riesling for those wanting to be controversial and order a white wine with steak – do you boo!

9 Below

Based in the basement of the old Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, 9 Below is an intimate speakeasy in the heart of the city centre. It’s to be expected that a cocktail bar has some expert bartenders, and in the case of 9 Below, award-winning bartenders! With that comes the potential of endless tasty mocktails, and the bartenders are always willing to use their creativity to make you a delectable drink that will have you asking for seconds and thirds. Enjoy a few platters of food, or if you’re feeling really fancy, some sushi!

House Dublin

House Dublin may be known for their fabulous venue, their urban jungle of a conservatory and their tasty brunch, but their bartenders are absolute whizzes around the bar too. With this in mind, and a fully stocked bar, you’ll get some killer creations that will have you feeling just as special as the drinkers in your party. With Tanqueray 0.0, Gordon’s 0.0 and several Seedlip options, the world is your oyster with the mocktails that can be created for you at House.

BAR 1661

Multi-award winning cocktail bar, BAR 1661, guarantees an amazing time, with some delicious drinks. Though their main baby is the Irish Poitín, the non-drinkers among us are not left out of the party. There are only 2 dedicated non-alcoholic cocktails, but fret not, they are a cocktail bar, and with their award-winning team behind the bar, if you’re feeling up for something a little different, their imagination can certainly take you to new heights.

Bull and Castle Bar

As part of the iconic Buckley Collection, and owners of the FX Buckley Steakhouses, the Bull and Castle Bar have really taken care of the non-drinkers among us. Enjoy virgin versions (say that one out loud) of a smokey old fashioned, an espresso martini or an amaretto sour. Their bar food is absolutely something to write home about, with chargrilled Wexford lamb koftas, prime short rib beef croquettes and tapioca cheese fritters up for grabs – heading there immediately.

FIRE Steakhouse

Steakhouses seem to truly appreciate the mocktail lovers, and FIRE Steakhouse has done it right. Enjoy the amazing atmosphere, delectable steaks and stellar service with a non-alcoholic drink, and you’ve got 3 here to choose from. Their U-Go Spritz comes with both N/A gin and sparkling wine; the Paloma Mule is a delightfully zingy drink with N/A ginger beer; and the Mango Caipirinha is a tropical dream. It’s always nice to be included, and these mocktails in Dublin will certainly make you feel special!

The Blackrock

You may need to travel a little outside the city centre for this one, but if you’re on the hunt for some great mocktails in Dublin, The Blackrock is worth the visit. Their cocktail menu is very impressive, but fret not, their mocktails are just as enticing! Particularly great for the designated drivers who are missing the alcohol, they serve some classic cocktails sans the alcohol, but not sans the fun! Aperol Spritz’s, Tom Collins’, Pornstar Martinis and Whiskey Sours are available if these are your drinks of choice – head here for a bite to eat too, or make the journey out on a Sunday for their roast dinner, and thank us later.

Article by Sara Abdulmagid

I’m a Palestinian who grew up in Cyprus and moved to Dublin in 2013, so I’ve had a mishmash of different cultures and cuisines surrounding me my whole life. I’m an avid foodie, and after realising that life as a lawyer was not for me, I studied media and became a radio host for Dublin City FM. I’m now writing for TheTaste full time, but I also have my own food blog where you can find a mixture of restaurant reviews and the occasional recipe. I talk a lot about being Palestinian; to be honest, I talk a lot in general. That’s why I did radio!

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