Hennessy and Virtuoso Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Join Forces for 'Very Special Limited Edition'
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Hennessy and Virtuoso Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Join Forces for ‘Very Special Limited Edition’

Hennessy celebrates the newest edition to its Very Special Limited Edition series with a bespoke design crafted by Scott Campbell, the acclaimed and multi-talented American tattoo artist.

Hennessy has a tradition of identifying and supporting avant-garde artists, having worked with internationally renowned urban artists, including Ryan McGuinness and Shepard Fairey. Scott Campbell, like Hennessy and previous collaborators, has a distinct and pioneering style – a true trailblazer. This one-of-a-kind Very Special collaboration blends what Scott Campbell calls “tattoo magic” – a ritual that is as much about the experience in the moment as the final result – with the multi-sensorial appreciation of Hennessy.

Scott Campbell is best known for tattooing stars and icons from the worlds of cinema, fashion, art and design at his Brooklyn studio, including Marc Jacobs, Heath Ledger, Penelope Cruz and many more. Since 2007, his recognition has stretched beyond the world of tattoo art into the global contemporary art scene, with his sculptures, paintings and drawings exhibited in galleries across the USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

Hennessy VS Limited Edition Scott Campbell Working

Inspired by the intricate penmanship of James Hennessy, the Maison’s second-generation visionary and an inveterate traveller, Scott Campbell infused the Very Special label with his own sensibility. His design is based on a pair of wings, a universal symbol of freedom and travel. Decorative elements include an intricate silver and black motif incorporating Hennessy Very Special’s three stars, an iconic signature of the brand. On the back label, Scott Campbell emblazoned the quote “Love without hesitation” because, he observes, “I believe that if someone can love without hesitation or judgement, they are invincible.”

Scott Campbell’s design represents ‘a conversation between two people’, as the artist cleverly puts it: “It’s a conversation between me and everything that’s gone into Hennessy for hundreds of years. It was fun to explore Hennessy’s history, take cues from the brand’s visual identity and just project my world onto it in a way that still respects its personality, and honours its traditions.”

Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Scott Campbell is available in Ireland from 1st September 2016 at O’Brien’s, Molloys, Next Door and major Independent off licences for RPP €36.00.

For further information, visit www.hennessy.com.

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