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HelloFresh Ireland has launched a Valentine’s Day box to take the hassle out of February 14th


Valentine’s day puts a lot of pressure on couples to find the best restaurants with the most romantic lighting to make the perfect night.

Expectation: Romantic, candlelit restaurant; soothing ambiance; extravagant food; couples’ desserts; expensive wine
Reality: Loud, packed restaurant; rushed dinner; bright lighting; expensive bill; probably an argument…

If you’re not someone who enjoys the hectic nature of February 14th at a restaurant, and much prefer a cosy night in, why not spend some quality time with your loved one at home this Valentine’s Day and choose HelloFresh?

HelloFresh will deliver a box of perfectly packed fresh and seasonal ingredients along with simple recipe cards to make tasty recipes. Take the hassle out of finding the ‘perfect restaurant’ for Valentine’s Day and cook up a delicious, restaurant-quality dish at home. All the ingredients are pre-portioned so you can get straight to cooking up the dishes you have selected with zero food waste. No wasted time grocery shopping and meal planning, more time spent with your other half, and you’re doing the universe a solid – how could you say no?

Plus, it’s guilt free and allows you to stay on track – all the dishes come with nutritional information and step by step instructions to ensure the finished dish is exactly as intended by the chef behind the recipe, so there’s no guesswork involved and you are guaranteed a speedy and tasty meal in a matter of minutes. 

One of the five love languages is Quality Time – it’s important to make time for your partner, and how better to spend quality time with them than by cooking together? Blast your favourite songs, get the aprons out and become the chef you’ve always dreamed to be! You get to cook a delicious meal, guilt-free, in the comfort of your own home, and eat together with your boo (preferably in your PJs). Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s evening to us.

2 of the delicious dishes on the menu for that week will be:

Coq sans Vin with bacon lardons and creamy mash (NonVeg option)

Hello fresh valentines

Roasted Red Pepper Flatbread with homemade rocket pesto (Veggie option)

Hello fresh valentines

You’ll impress yourself with the star quality of the meal you choose, and you won’t break the budget! We have a special code for you so you can save even more on your HelloFresh box: TASTEVALENTINE

Click here to claim your specially priced HelloFresh pack and enjoy this Valentine’s Day from the comfort of your own home.

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