Coffee Drinkers Can Stop Worrying – A New ‘Healthy’ Coffee is on its Way!

'Healthy' Coffee

You may be adjusting your glasses or squinting at the screen, wondering if your eyes are deceiving you, but we can stop you there. Yes, we did say a new ‘healthy’ coffee. Finally, our prayers have been answered!

A wellness company in Malaysia called DXN are brewing their own coffee without using insectides or any harmful chemicals in the cultivation of the coffee beans. On top of that, while they are brewing the coffee, they add a herb extract which contains over 300 nutrients. This extract is good for the immune system, and can relax the nervous system, which can help relieve stress.

We all long to hear that drinking coffee can be beneficial to your health and finally, we have some answers. A distributor for the coffee, Austin O Keeffe, said: “There have been many large studies involving tens of thousands of people over many years and they all conclude that coffee is good for your health and increase the chances of a longer life.”

'Healthy' Coffee

Although we are still a tea drinking nation at heart, coffee consumption has been growing strongly in Ireland in the 21st century, with hundreds of new coffee shops opening up around the country. The latest statistic for coffee sales in Ireland puts it annually at €112 million and its popularity looks like it is here to stay, with an expected growth of 20% this year alone.

Although this news is music to our ears, we’re still wary about the usual side effects of over consumption of coffee. Will we be able to sleep after a late night coffee or will the jitters keep us awake? Well, according to Austin, this new coffee may help!

“We have noticed that people who suffered from these side effects and tried our coffee have found that they don’t get the jitters, palpitations and usually have a better night’s sleep, though we cannot guarantee it for everybody.”

DXN coffee is not available in the shops or cafes but can be purchased from distributors in Ireland, like Austin. For more information, visit

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