Chinese restaurants in dublin
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Head to One of These Chinese Restaurants in Dublin For An Authentic Experience – With Moutai


An authentic Chinese experience can be hard to find, but luckily we’ve got a handful of great Chinese restaurants in Dublin that serve authentic food from regions across China, or Dim Sum for the small plates lovers. Whether you know your way around a Chinese menu or are just starting out, the staff at these spots will always be willing to make their recommendations, so you can guarantee that you’ll have a memorable visit.

If you head to one of these Chinese restaurants in Dublin, make sure to order a Moutai! This is a type of Baijiu, a distilled Chinese spirit that pairs perfectly with most Chinese dishes. Moutai has been around for several centuries, originated during the Qing Dynasty, and is now one of the world’s most valuable spirits.

Moutai chinese restaurants in dublin


Located in Blackrock, RongCheng is absolutely worth venturing out of the city centre for, especially if you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion. With views of the sea from this restaurant, the staff will treat you like royalty as you delight in a number of authentic dishes from the land of Bashu, fine dining style. RongCheng serve a selection of dishes from several regions of China, from the tingly spice of Sichuan dishes to the comforting flavours of Cantonese cuisine. There is also a Dim Sum menu if that’s more your style, and make sure to peruse their impressive drinks menu to really round out your meal.

Hang Dai

Neon lights, delicious Chinese food and some funky music – that’s the aim of the game at Hang Dai on Camden Street. Retro meets futuristic at this spot, where classic Chinese dishes are always available, with some additions to the menu for a playful twist. Known for their roast Skeaghanore duck, pre-order this dish and come hungry with a couple of friends – you won’t regret it. We recommend ordering the sesame prawn toast and the Sichuan Kung Po Chicken, and lots and lots of cocktails! Music is at the forefront of Hang Dai (other than the food, of course), so if you’re up for a good buzz while you dine, make sure to check out their social media for updates on which DJs are playing next.

Ka Shing

chinese restaurants in dublin

A traditional Chinese experience in the heart of the city centre, Ka Shing is guaranteed to enter your regular restaurant rotation. The team here have pulled out all the stops to ensure that customers get the full traditional experience, with the little things like round tables, to different tea pairings, and everything in between. Ka Shing is also very reasonable priced, with their early bird menu coming in at only €21 per person for 3 courses. A must visit!

Good World

chinese restaurants in dublin

Good World, one of the authentic Chinese restaurants in Dublin, is based on South George’s Street. With Dim Sum favourites like Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) and Char Siu Pineapple Buns, you’re sure to be impressed with whatever you order here. You can get 2 three-course dinners with a bottle of wine for only €50 – a steal for the quality and authenticity you’ll get at Good World. A secret menu exists here, which is different to the English menu! A number of other dishes are available for those native to the country, so if you’re feeling a little adventurous, ask for the Chinese menu and try their traditional Cantonese dishes up for grabs.

M&L Chinese

Another one of the more authentic Chinese restaurants in Dublin, M&L Chinese offers a full traditional experience, from the food, to the atmosphere, and everything in between. Serving authentic Szechuan cuisine, peruse the Chef’s Recommendations on their menu to get the true taste of China, from options like a classic Peking duck, stir fried lamb with cumin and their famous spicy green beans – a must try.

Big Fan Bao

Small sharing plates, unique and delicious cocktails and all-round good vibes, Big Fan Bao is a great spot to visit with a group of friends when you want to try a little bit of everything on the menu. You’ll find classic Dim Sum dishes like Xia Long Bao and, of course, a range of Bao buns to choose from, but you must try their unique additions like their Wagyu cheeseburger Jiaozi, which are a style of Chinese dumplings. If you’re heading here, we recomemend trying the enoki mushrooms with their garlic chilli sauce, and the sweet and sourdough prawn toast – there’s a reason Big Fan Bao is recommended by the Michelin Guide!

Lee’s Charming Noodles

One of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Dublin, Lee’s Charming Noodles is a go-to spot for many people in the city, with their relaxed environment and delectable noodles. Serving traditional Chinese dishes, they make their dumplings in-house so these are a must-try, and you’ll find a range of noodle dishes from soup noodles, chow mein, and everything in between. You’ll also be sure to love their impressive selection of Chinese stir-fry dishes like roast duck and sweet and sour chicken!


Venture out to Castleknock and give Wong’s a try. A great addition to the list of Chinese restaurants in Dublin, this spot is great for larger groups or parties, with great vibes, friendly staff, and of course, some delicious Chinese food. A bonus – they have a private karaoke room available for hire, so if you’re throwing a party, combine their tasty food with a fun singalong session! With a great selection of seafood dishes, like sea bass, sole, and even lobster, these are certainly ones to add to your order.


A stone’s throw from St Anne’s Park in Clontarf, head to Yang’s for a wonderful view of the sea and some authentic Chinese food. You’ll find an impressive selection of Chinese dishes like honey chilli chicken and won ton soup, and if you’re trying to save a little cash, you’ll find both an early bird menu and a Set Menu for very reasonable prices. Winning Best Asian Establishment in Ireland in 2019 at the Food Awards Ireland, you can be sure that your meal at Yang’s will be a memorable one!

Xian Street Food

Honouring the old culture and flavours of Xi’An, one of the oldest cities in China, Xian Street Food is based on South Anne Street in the city centre. With an open kitchen so you can watch it all go down, make sure to order their famous Biang Biang noodles, which are homemade and hand-pulled noodles topped with veggies, chilli and pork. Xian is quite a casual spot, but don’t let that deter you from giving them a visit – they are one of the most loved spots in the city, and their spice bag is arguably one of the best around!

Mama Yo

A more contemporary take on Chinese food, a visit to Mama Yo will certainly impress you from the moment you walk in, with uniquely designed interiors and a huge bonsai tree in the middle of the venue. A large menu awaits, so you’ll be spoiled for choice on what to choose – try some dim sum and cocktails if you’re looking to share some small plates, but a range of bigger mains are available too, like Kung Po chicken, sweet and sour pork, and more. Most notably, they are known for their roast duck, a traditional dish dating back over 1000 years, cooked low and slow in a special duck-roasting oven, served with the classic duck pancake accompaniments.


Make your way to Ballsbridge to Kites, a Chinese and Thai fusion restaurant serving the best of both cuisines in the heart of Dublin 4. You’ll walk into a modern and elegant venue, featuring a menu full of exotic Asian delights like dim sum prawn dumpling, aromatic lamb and Char Sui pork. If their menu is too large for you to decide on what to eat, opt for their House Dinner for €44 per person, which includes a little bit of everything for you to try.

China Sichuan

chinese restaurants in dublin

Head south of the city to China Sichuan, based in Sandyford. Delivering a unique culinary experience through traditional Sichuan and Cantonese cooking, the chefs use local Irish ingredients to create the classic Chinese dishes we all know and love. With larger mains designed for sharing, order a couple of dishes for your table and try a little of everything, from their Sichuan Camphor tea-smoked duck to their spicy typhoon king prawns – delish.

Moutai chinese restaurants in dublin
Chinese Restaurants in Dublin Sponsored by Moutai Ireland

Moutai is a type of Baijiu, a distilled Chinese spirit which translates literally as “white liquor”. Moutai is named after the place of origin and produced only along the Chishui River in Moutai Town of China’s Guizhou Province. It is now one of the world’s most valuable spirits. Today, the ancient traditional technique is perfectly integrated with modern technology to create one of the most valuable spirit brands in the world –  “Kweichow Moutai”.

The process of making Moutai is complex – goes through 9 distillation sessions, 8 natural fermentation periods and 7 purifying filtration sessions. These rich and unique aromas give the Moutai liquor an extraordinary taste and a pure palate. Savouring this spirit is savouring life in all its beauty.

With its high alcohol content and long-lasting, prominent flavour, Moutai has often been the holy grail for those who attempt at a food menu that complements world-renowned liquors. Working well with a range of different cuisines and with both sweet and savoury dishes, Moutai is a great choice for any dinner party. The tantalising flavours of Moutai also work perfectly in many fascinating cocktails, from their modern take on a Moscow Mule, to an exotic Lychee Moutini, and many more fruity concoctions.

Moutai is always striving to be at the forefront of the drinks and spirits industry, partaking in a range of events like Taste of Dublin, Whiskey Live and Dublin by Night Fest. With a passion for celebrating Chinese culture, Moutai partners with a range of Chinese restaurants in Dublin to showcase their spirit to diners who may have not experience its tantalising flavours before.

Chinese Restaurants in Dublin by Sara Abdulmagid

I’m a Palestinian who grew up in Cyprus and moved to Dublin in 2013, so I’ve had a mishmash of different cultures and cuisines surrounding me my whole life. I’m an avid foodie, and after realising that life as a lawyer was not for me, I studied media and became a radio host for Dublin City FM. I’m now writing for TheTaste full time, but I also have my own food blog where you can find a mixture of restaurant reviews and the occasional recipe. I talk a lot about being Palestinian; to be honest, I talk a lot in general. That’s why I did radio!

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