Hangover-Free Drinking Might Become a Reality Very Soon thanks to this New Product

Hangover Free Drinking Might Become a Reality Very Soon thanks to this New Product

Remember this name: Alcarelle. Developed by London-based professor David Nutt and Edward Safra Chair of NeuroPsychopharmacology at Imperial College, it is a type of synthetic alcohol that might just be the key to hangover-free drinks.

Nutt has experimented for a decade to create a product that delivers all the uninhibiting effects of alcohol without the unpleasant consequence of a hangover. As reported by The Drinks Business, he’s currently seeking to raise funds for the project, which is currently undergoing safety checks and it’s expected to be roll out in hundreds of cocktail bars in the UK once proven suitable for consumption.

In his page, the concept behind Alcarelle is explained: “With all the science available today, what if there were safe and responsible alternatives to alcohol which everyone could enjoy?”, drinks that “didn’t cause addiction or aggression?” It might sound like science fiction but they go into detail to explain how it works.

David Nut British had to resign his position as chief advisor on drugs in 2009 after he said that alcohol was more dangerous than several illegal drugs, and he has been vocal in the past about the benefits of Alcosynth, the synthetic alcohol that mimics the effects of fermented and distilled alcohol, and he has even gone as far as claiming that traditional alcoholic drinks will be gone by 2050.

While Alcarelle is still in testing phase, the aim is to have it in the market by 2020 or 2021. Thanks to the way it works, there will be a cap on how strong the effects will be, allowing drinkers to unwind without ever getting out of control.

Would consumers embrace the idea of hangover-free chemical substitutes of alcohol? We’ll have to wait and see. Let us know what do you think of it…

More information: alcarelle.com



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