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Forget Strong Coffee This New Tablet Could Be the Ultimate Hangover Cure
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Forget Strong Coffee: This New Tablet Could Be the Ultimate Hangover Cure

A lot of people have a “hangover cure” they swear by: strong coffee, ramen and energy drinks are among the popular choices but now we’ve found a new contender that promises to get you back on your feet after one glass too many.

Phizz, a tablet that combines a multivitamin and aids rehydration, was developed in Switzerland after a group of friends came up with the idea and, with the help of a scientist (PhD Oxford graduate in neuroscience) they were able to turn it into a product.

It is inspired in a World Health Organisation rehydration formula and a mix of minerals and vitamins.

The tablet has become popular in the UK over the last couple of years and it recently arrived into the Irish market. It is currently stocked at selected branches of Lloyds Pharmacies and a tube of 10 tablets is priced at €5.

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According to, the maker’s website, the product “combines a rehydration formula with vitamins & minerals in a delicious orange flavoured effervescent tablet. The dual formulation makes Phizz unique, with applications for flying, traveling and active lifestyles.”

And it’s not just recommended for hangovers, the same combination that will bring relief on Sunday morning, is also ideal before a long flight or during a hard day’s work. They also include athletes among those who can benefit from Phizz.

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The product was designed to be taken with water and it’s vegan, gluten, lactose and dairy free.

Thanks to the company’s savvy marketing, it has been associated with jet-setters and celebrities. It made the news earlier this year as being part of the goody bag at the 59th Grammy Awards and Harper’s Bazaar deemed it “the perfect antidote to fashion month mayhem.” They are also included among the amenities on first-class flights for Emirates Airlines.

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