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Fiona Uyema
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Hands-on Healthy Lunch Box Cookery Class with Japanese Cookery Expert Fiona Uyema

Are you bored with your work lunch, or need inspiration for your children’s school lunchbox?

The Japanese are well known for their creative ways in preparing bento (lunch boxes) for their work and school lunches. They are healthy, tasty, well-balanced and colourful. Fiona Uyema says “Japanese people eat with their eyes so the appearance of the food is just as important as the taste”.

Fiona herself was surprised how quickly she became immersed in the Japanese bento culture after living in Japan for three years. At first she thought it would be a chore to prepare her lunchbox every day but using simple Japanese recipes she found she was looking forward to her lunch and felt the health benefits that came with packing a Japanese style lunch box.

Fiona’s often asked at her public demos and cooking class for advice on creating lunch boxes and regularly gets queries from her followers about ways to make lunch boxes more exciting yet tasty and healthy. Now Fiona will host hands on cooking class with a Japanese inspired lunch box theme.

Fiona is giving two hands-on cooking classes on Saturday May 28th and Saturday June 11th in Miele Gallery Citywest focusing creating Japanese inspired lunch boxes to give your work or school lunch an interesting twist.

During the classes Fiona will introduce you to the simple steps to creating a lunchbox that is time friendly yet healthy and tasty. Fiona makes an effort to use every day ingredients so they can be easily sourced by families across Ireland.

Fiona Uyema attributes the Japanese diet to her health and well-being after recovering from cancer in 2008. These are hands-on cooking classes with lots of fun and interaction, including drinks on arrival and a sit down lunch at the end.

The classes takes place on Saturday May 28th in Miele Gallery Citywest Dublin from 10:30am to 1:30pm, and Saturday June 11th Miele Gallery Citywest from 10:30am to 1:30pm.

Tickets are priced at €65. For enquiries email or call 0860704052. For bookings go to This class is parent and children friendly, with reduced rates are available for children.