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Storehouse Shake
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Here’s Where You Can Get a Deliciously Indulgent Shake to Prolong Your Summer

Visitors to the iconic Guinness Storehouse can now grab themselves a specially designed drink that is available exclusively at the storehouse.

The Storehouse Shake was created by mixing some of life’s greatest pleasures, coffee and chocolate. This sweet treat is sure to whet the appetites of visitors this season.

Invented by Head Chef at the Guinness Storehouse, Sean Hunter, it is the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot day or when you’re craving a sugar fix.

Commenting on this terrific tipple, Sean said: “Here at the home of Guinness we are at the heart of innovation and experimentation and aren’t fazed by pushing boundaries – even with sweet treats! The culinary team at the Guinness Storehouse creates amazing dishes paired with and using Guinness.”

Sean added: “As temperatures soared this summer, we decided to work together to create something fun and special, the Storehouse Shake – by nitrogenating coffee in the same way we do Guinness, we’re able to deliver a non-alcoholic summer drink that has the same creamy and smooth texture as Guinness.”

Mixing the bold flavour of nitro coffee with the creaminess of vanilla ice-cream, Sean has invented a moreish chilled chocolate creation.

The nitro coffee has been especially cold brewed for twelve hours. It is then chilled in a keg and served on draft that gives the coffee a smooth and creamy quality, much like the iconic Guinness.

Storehouse Shake

On top of this decadent shake, a generous drizzle of hazelnut syrup gives it a delicious sweetness. For added indulgence, freshly whipped cream is also added, along with a gooey Guinness chocolate brownie to add to this flavourful tipple.

The Storehouse Shake is available until 30th September and is just €5.50. Be sure to get down to the storehouse and try this heavenly creation before time runs out.

For more information on the Guinness Storehouse log onto

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