Love Food And Beer? – This Unmissable Takeover Will Appeal to All Your Senses

Guinness Open Gate Brewery

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery, Harbour Brewing and Hawksmoor have joined up for a unique food and drink experience. This Autumn, the trio have created a series of special limited edition beers that have been designed to push the boundaries of beer, allowing drinkers to experience its versatility and showcasing its ability to match with food.

Head Guinness brewer at the Open Gate Brewery, Peter Simpson, said: “In the Open Gate Brewery we have always explored the vast array of flavours that beer can bring, either through the raw materials used or the brewing process itself.”

Harbour Brewing and the Open Gate Brewery are joining forces to create four unique beers that will pair perfectly match Hawksmoor’s most popular dishes at the restaurant.

Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Commenting on the exciting takeover James Rylance, Harbour Brewing’s R&D brewer said: “The resource and expertise at the Open Gate Brewery has really opened new doors of knowledge. Working closely with the team there, as well as the Hawksmoor team, we have developed four beer recipes, complex in their creation, but with simple and clean flavours that mirror each of the dishes.”

The first beer on the menu will be an aperitif infused with herbs and botanicals, influenced by the flavours of gin and tonic.

Following this, a special light lemon verbena saison will be paired with Hawksmoor’s most popular starter – roast scallops with white port and garlic. Next the menu a mouthwatering rib-eye will be served with an oak barrel-aged beer, with the depth, complexity and tannins of a Rioja.

Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Will Beckett, one of the founders of Hawksmoor said, “We’ve been passionate about beer for years; even before we started Hawksmoor 12 years ago we owned a pub with an extensive beer list and we’ve always tried to stock and support great breweries. This collaboration has been a lot of fun for everyone, and I hope our customers will enjoy it as much!”.

Full details of the takeover will be announced in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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