This State-of-the-Art Immersive Guinness Experience just Opened in Dublin Airport

This State-of-the-Art Immersive Guinness Experience just Opened in Dublin Airport

Each year, 27.9 million people arrive to Dublin by plane and a large number of them include a visit to the Home of Guinnes. Now, thanks to a partnership between Diageo and The Loop, the Guinness experience will have its own space at Terminal 2, as both companies joined forces to launch the world’s first Guinness Export House.

The announcement was made last Thursday 11th of May, when they introduced this exciting and innovative retail proposition, ideal for the travel sector at an event in the dedicated area at The Loop. The state-of-the-art concept was custom designed by Diageo and The Loop and it will allow visitors to partake in a unique in-store immersive tasting experience.

The Guinness Export House is only available in Dublin Airport at the moment, however, daa’s retail business ARI, which runs The Loop is aware of the concept’s potential and perhaps in the future it could be transported across ARI’s growing global retail portfolio, which spans nine countries.

Gavin Krenski, Guinnes Global Content Creation & Innovation Director said: “The Guinness Export House represents a unique opportunity to tell the Guinness story through taste and experience.”

Jack MacGowan, Chief Executive for ARI  added: “Diageo shares our commitment to providing customers with memorable brand experiences in a luxury setting. They also understand that today’s savvy consumers are not content with just grabbing a bottle off a shelf, they want to learn more about a brand and experience it first-hand before buying it. And I’m really impressed that The Guinness Export House manages to tick all the boxes.”

To make the experience even more pleasant and convenient, The Loop offers its free Click and Collect and Shop and Collect services.

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