Guinness Channels Nostalgia by Launching Vintage Limited-Edition Cans

Guinness Gilroy limited-edition cans 2

Remember those witty illustrations from old-school Guinness adds? The colours, the mascots, the clever puns… So does Guinness, and in a blast from the past, the brewery has just launched a range of limited-edition cans illustrated with work by artist John Gilroy, who created many of the most memorable ads that date back to the 1930s and 1960s.

The collectible cans arrive in time for the celebration of the 120th anniversary of Gilroy’s birth. Two of the artist’s iconic designs, the lobster and the smiling pint, will appear in the limited-edition cans which will be available in Ireland from 16th October.

Gilroy is renowned for his vibrant, humorous and unforgettable designs, which put the brand on the map as an outstanding advertiser. The illustrations on the cans appear against a white background, this time the canvas is the can.

Nin Taank, Guinness Brand Manager, said: “Gilroy’s iconic Guinness campaigns are recognised around the world and we are thrilled to be celebrating the 120th anniversary of his birth with the launch these limited-edition cans.”

The famous campaign “My Goodness, MY GUINNESS!” was one of the world’s longest running and it features a hapless zoo keeper, a character inspired in Gilroy himself. Self-described as ‘a fairly jolly man’ Gilroywas always able to bring a touch of humour into his work.

When asked to depict a pint of Guinness, he gave a now famous smiling face to the foam. Collectors often refer to this charming drawing as the “anthropomorphic glass.”

One of Gilroy’s lobster illustrations is featured on the other limited-edition can. From the early 1930s the combination of Guinness and food was a popular advertising theme and Guinness has a long history of being paired with seafood dishes.

Jim Gilroy, Gilroy Estate explains: “Not only was John Gilroy a gifted artist, he was an advertising revolutionary and ahead of his time. We are very proud that his work is being commemorated in this way – how fitting that his lobster and sun designs should now feature on the Guinness can itself”

The cans will be available in multi-packs across all major retailers in the Island of Ireland from 16th October.

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