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Grilled Squid Recipe by John Torode
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Grilled Squid Recipe by Chef John Torode with Wine Pairing by Neil McGuigan

This Grilled Squid recipe by leading Australian Chef and Masterchef judge John Torode, is served simply with lemon and rocket. A light Summer dish, that makes a perfect BBQ alternative – particularly when paired with a glass of The John Torode & Neil McGuigan Pinot Noir Rosé.


– 500g fresh squid, ask your fishmonger to clean the squid and cut it open
– 60mls olive oil
– Rind and juice of one lemon
– 100g fresh rocket leaves


1. Cook the squid in two batches, using a frying pan or griddle plate.
2. Heat the frying pan or griddle plate until really hot. Cut the squid into matchbox size pieces, mix with the oil and then place half the squid into the frying pan or on the griddle.
3. Cook for two minutes and then turn. Do the same, twice more.
4. Mix with the remaining oil, a squeeze of lemon, salt & Pepper and the rocket. Put the squid on the table with some mayo and watch it go!


MT Pinot Noir Rosé
Sourced from the cooler vineyards of the Adelaide Hills, the MT Pinot Noir Rosé is refreshing and bright, with crunchy blueberry notes on the finish. It is the perfect wine to be enjoyed alongside light summer dishes such as John’s Grilled Squid with Rocket Salad.

Neil McGuigan, Chief Winemaker





John Torode and Neil McGuiganAt McGuigan Wine are always keen to enjoy the good things in life and food & wine matching is definitely one of them. So when we had the opportunity to work with John Torode we jumped at the chance. As it turns out, John is from the same part of Australia as the McGuigan family – the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. In fact he grew up in the same small town, Maitland, as Neil McGuigan our Chief Winemaker. This turned out to be the beginning of a great friendship. John doing the food and Neil doing the wine.
John has created 50 recipes for McGuigan Wines, and chief winemaker Neil McGuigan has then matched our wines to them. The recipes have been split into seasons and as the year moves on. Find the full selection on

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