Indulgent Griddled Almond Nectarine Recipe by Kate Harrison

Griddled Almond Nectarine

Griddling or roasting fruit always intensifies the sweetness, and this simple dessert feels indulgent but fresh – it’s also a good way of using under ripe fruit that’s slightly too firm to eat as it is.

Nectarines are high in soluble fibre and such a stunning colour, too. If you don’t have/like nectarines, you could use a peach instead.

Serves 1 (93 cal)



– A few drops mild-flavoured oil, for greasing (10 cal)
– 1 nectarine, not too ripe, halved and stone removed (51 cal)

For Serving

– A few drops of almond extract (1–2 cal)
– 2 level tsp/10g Greek yogurt (10 cal) or coconut yogurt (17 cal)
– 3 whole almonds (21 cal)


1. Use kitchen roll to grease a small area of a griddle pan with the scantest amount of oil, then heat to a very high temperature.
2. Place the nectarine, cut side down, onto the hot pan. Cook for 2–3 minutes, until the fruit starts to caramelise – turn down the heat if it seems to be burning. Don’t move the fruit, you want to get nice char marks from the griddle.
3. To serve, place the nectarine halves, cut side up, on a plate, drizzle over the almond extract and top with yogurt and nuts. Serve warm.


– For a tropical variation, use coconut oil and replace the almonds and extra with the flesh and seeds from a passion fruit (17 cal) and a sprinkling of flaked toasted coconut, about 3g (18 cal).

– On a non-Fast Day, serve with vanilla dairy/vegan ice cream and a crumbled amaretti biscuit. If you want to serve more than 1 person, roast the fruit in an ovenproof dish in an oven heated to 180°C/350°F/Gas mark 4 for 15 minutes, with the oil brushed on top.

Griddled Almond Nectarine


Kate Harrison is the author of 17 fiction and non-fiction books, including The 5:2 Diet Book, The Secret Shopper’s Revenge, and the Soul Beach trilogy for teenagers. Her newest book is 5:2 Veggie and Vegan – after 3 decades as a veggie, Kate knows her greens! Kate loves to cook, to read and to travel. She’s lived in the Netherlands and Spain, before settling by the seaside in Brighton.

Taken from 5:2 VEGGIE & VEGAN by Kate Harrison, published by The Orion Publishing Group Food photography by Faith Mason, author photography by Chris O’Donovan.

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