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Quinoa Bowls Recipe
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Green Quinoa Bowls Recipe from Vegan in 7 Cookbook

This Green Quinoa Bowls Recipe is from Vegan in 7.

Quinoa is a tiny grain that has a slight nutty flavour and is gluten-free. You can get all kinds of varieties, including white, black and red.

Originating from South America, it’s become very popular in recent years, particularly amongst vegetarians and vegans. Combined with greens and beans, quinoa makes a fast and fresh meal.

Serves 4


200g quinoa
250g curly kale or cavolo nero
3 lemons
150g peas, fresh or frozen
2 avocados
1 bunch of tarragon or parsley, chopped


1. Rinse the quinoa and cook according to the packet instructions in salted water.
2. Meanwhile, tear the kale or cavalo nero leaves into small pieces and place in a large bowl with a pinch of salt and the juice of half a lemon.
3. Massage the leaves with your hands for 2–3 minutes to soften. Blanch the peas in boiling water for about 1 minute, then drain.
4. Slice the two remaining lemons in half. Cook, cut side down, in a hot grill pan or a non-stick frying pan for 5–6 minutes until caramelised. This will caramelise the skin and soften the flesh.
5. Remove the stones from the avocados and peel and slice the flesh. When the quinoa is done, divide it between four bowls.
6. Top with the kale, peas, avocado and tarragon or parsley. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste and drizzle over some olive oil. Serve with the grilled lemons.


Healthy vegan recipes with 7 ingredients or fewer; can it be true? Yes! Being a vegan can be easy, fun and totally delicious.

With more than 20 years’ experience in plant-based cooking, Rita Serano shows how cooking vegan doesn’t have to be complicated. She offers nourishing and delicious recipes with not a single fake overprocessed vegan burger in sight.

Vegan in 7 contains many delicious recipes that are vegan, refined sugar free and low fat.

Recipes taken from Vegan in 7 by Rita Serano. Published by Kyle Books. Photography by Laura Edwards.

Rita Serano
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