A Great Value Rosé from the Loire Valley to Keep Summer Going

Bougrier VDF Les Hauts Lieux Rose 2016 - Wine of the Week from O'Briens

It’s mid-August and we’re experiencing late summer anxiety, that feeling you get when autumn attire hits the high street and you realise there’s only a handful of useful days to throw that al fresco dinner you kept postponing, finally go camping or rosé the evening away.

While there’s no reason for your enjoyment of pink wines to stop once the first leaves begin to fall, this is the most appealing season to blush so, whether you have seized the summer or are finally daring to catch up, it’s not too late to indulge in a charming bottle of rosé.

BouBougrier VDF Les Hauts Lieux Rose 2016 - Wine of the Week from O'Briensgrier VDF Les Hauts Lieux Rose 2016 is a pleasant sight of a different shade of French rosé. Coming from Touraine, a name to remember from the Loire Valley, it is a fruity blend of Cabernet Franc and Gamay, slightly more intense than the barely blushed bottles from Provence, but without reaching the intense heights of loud and proud Spanish rosados.

Aromas of raspberries and pink grapefruit are followed by a taste of crisp strawberries, citrus and a moderate acidity. At a tame 12% ABV, it is fresh and doesn’t overwhelm, ideal to sip chilled on a warm day, perhaps accompanied of prawns, crab or lightly seasoned chicken.

Bougrier VDF Les Hauts Lieux Rose 2016 is available at O’Briens Wine for €13.95 (on offer, buy one, get the second at half price).


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