Your Beloved Blow Dry with Bubbly May Become a Thing of the Past

Ban Alcohol Salons Barbers

We all love to be pampered, and often there are little perks when booking your blow dry or shave, but the government hopes to make this a thing of the past. Minister for Health Simon Harris has announced his support of the forthcoming Public Health Bill that may ban hairdressers, beauty salons and barbers offering complimentary alcohol.

This news will implicate serving your beloved glass of bubbly or a gin & tonic, although the traditional serving of tea and coffee with magazines will still continue.

Ban Alcohol Salons Barbers

Speaking to Today FM about the matter, Gary Culleton of the Irish Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists said that “it’s just becoming far too easy, and far too normal to have a drink with everything.

“9.30 in the morning for a gin & tonic! We’re not killjoys, but we do see the harm excessive alcohol does to families, individuals and to society on a daily basis.”

Sipping on a Prosecco has become the norm for many salon goers, that’s been oftentimes shared on social media too. The extra special touch adds to the salon’s services, and can often ensure a follow-up booking or recommendation.

In the same report, Director of hair salon Brown Sugar Mark O’Keeffe however, disagrees with the bill. “[Customers have] busy lives and work, they may have a family.

“They want to kick back, and of course if it’s having a tea or a coffee…they can have it. And if it happens to be a glass of Prosecco or a nice gin & tonic, then what harm?

“We’re talking about adults, responsible people, who should have the freedom of choice.”

Ban Alcohol Salons Barbers

The bill may ban ‘bottomless brunch’ too, a strong favourite for millennials and weekend risers who enjoy a few glasses with their meals.

The expected legislation will also take into account of drink deals for Leaving Certificate celebrations as well as ‘Welfare Wednesdays’, which is aimed at those who receive social welfare payments.

Alongside the Minister for Health, health chiefs within the government do hope the Public Health Bill will be passed by the end of the year.

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