Catch It While You Can! Gourmet Food Parlour Introduces Limited Edition Super Salad

Gourmet Food Parlor

To celebrate March Wellness Week, Gourmet Food Parlour has created a limited edition Super Salad. Their super salad includes citrus chicken avocado and quinoa and is full of goodness. This salad is healthy, full of texture and flavour.

A perfect lunch for salad lovers as it combines nourishing greens, fibre rich quinoa and healthy fats from avocado. This salad is truly nourishing and a very satisfying meal. The Super Salad will make you feel as good as it looks!

Gourmet Food Parlor’s Super Salad is available for a limited time only in March, in Gourmet Food Parlour Swords, Malahide & Dun Laoghaire.

Since 2009 Gourmet Food Parlour believes that tradition and great flavour are the heart and soul of Irish cuisine. Its menu consists of tasty breakfast, brunch creations and fun tapas nights with their creative chefs sharing plates. Owners Lorraine and Lorraine created Gourmet Food Parlour over ten years ago. Their vision was to serve a funky style of food, using simple locally sourced ingredients whilst serving it all in a fun relaxed way. GFP is located in Dun Laoghaire, Swords, Malahide, House, 37 Dawson Street. Their catering division offer an eclectic mix of our homemade, locally sourced foods.

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