Watch: Gordon Ramsay Just Broke the World Record for Fastest Fish Filleting

Gordon Ramsay has just added Guinness World Record Holder to his list of achievements. The 50-year-old chef has become the fastest fish filleter in the world…yes, that’s a record now!

He attempted the feat on his new television show, The F Word, when he challenged 19-year-old Jenna Fabric to a “fillet-off” in front of two Guinness World Record judges.

The Arkansas native, who became famous after videos of her fish filleting skills gained popularity online.

Gordon Ramsay

So basically, the pair were both asked to prepare 15 portions of halibut, weighing at least 40 grams each, in under 2 minutes.

The pressure got to Fabich, who was only able to cut 13 usable pieces in the time limit. Meanwhile, Ramsay filleted the required amount of fish in well under the time limit. He managed the feat in an impressive one minute and five seconds.

Speaking to FoodBeast, the chef admitted that he “had no idea I was going so fast, because I was just doing it normally”.


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