Ireland’s Good Friday Alcohol Ban to Be Lifted in 2018 After Almost A Century

Good Friday Alcohol Ban to Be Lifted

Ireland’s long-lived Good Friday alcohol ban will be lifted this year. The decision will see a 90 year old prohibition gone by 2018, and with it, the tradition of trying to find a cheeky yet legit way to get a drink on the day by resorting to all sort of loopholes.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has stated that the government won’t oppose a “Sale of Alcohol Bill” expected to be passed this year.

While the original bill only applied to pubs and off-licences, amendments were added to also include restaurants and hotels, therefore, making Christmas Day the only day in which you might struggle to find pubs open or buy alcoholic drinks in the country.

No more confused tourists on Temple Bar gazing at closed doors on Good Friday, no more Good Thursday afternoons stocking up at the local off licence.

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