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Golden Brown – Wins Best Cocktail in the Dublin Cocktail Festival

There is no doubt that this years Dublin Cocktail Festival was a success and we have seen some amazing creations from some of the best cocktail venues in Dublin, my only complaint is that a week was too short, next year I feel we should have it last 2 weeks. This year, Golden Brown from Diep Le Shaker was the Winning Cocktail  for the 2014 Dublin Cocktail Festival. The festival was organised by Great Irish Beverages and the winning cocktail was voted for by Dublin’s cocktail sippers! Other venues who participated were 777, The Marker hotel, Fade Street Social, Vintage Cocktail Club, Saba and many more…

The autumnal cocktail The Golden Brown was conceived by one of Diep Le Shaker’s managers and top cocktail architect Cian Lynch using Teeling Whiskey Company’s small batch whiskey as the main ingredient. Along with this top class whiskey other ingredients include pear cognac, cinnamon, clove syrup and almond foam.

Diep Le Shaker can now proudly claim that is has the winning cocktail in town. Great Irish Beverages also awarded a prize of €1,275. Cian will indeed be celebrating!


How to make the winning cocktail – Golden Brown

First the Ingredients:

This will make ONE drink or you can x 5 to make more

50ml Teeling Small Batch
7.5ml Pear Cognac
17.5ml Cinnamon & Clove syrup – Almond foam

Syrup ingredients for 5 cocktails

100g brown sugar
100ml water
1 sticks cinnamon
2-3 cloves
1 star anise
pinch of salt

Foam ingredients which will make foam for 5 cocktails

Almond milk – one cup
Lemon juice – 1/2 cup
Disaronno – 2 shots
Water – 50 mlsSecond the Method:First make the foam. Use 150 ml almond milk, 35ml lemon juice, 60ml disaronno with one gelatin sheet.

Add to an ISi 1 litre cream whipper, charge twice, shake well and leave in the fridge for a few hours

Stir Teelings whiskey with xante pear cognac and the syrup for 60 seconds

Fill a martini glass 1/3 full with the foam

Strain the liquid in and it will go underneath as  the foam will  naturally rise to the top

Garnish with caramelised pear

Enjoy !

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