Brunch Just Got a Royal Upgrade – Rare Gold Avocados Have Hit Supermarket Shelves

Gold Avocados

If brunch for you isn’t complete with a heaving serving of buttery avocado then you’ll want to start queuing at Tesco who have started stocking a rare variety of gold avocado.

Now exclusively available in 200 of its stores in the UK, the gold-flecked avocados are not just more aesthetically pleasing.

According to a press release from the supermarket the fruits (yes, avocados are classed as fruit not vegetables) as they spend longer on the tree ripening are said to be smoother, creamier and a bit sweeter.

But before you go smashing these beauties on toast or into guacamole take note of the advice of Tesco avocado buyer Andrew Pattison.

“It’s not the kind of avocado you will want to mash up and turn into guacamole.”

“Show (it) off as a special treat at a dinner party as either an exotic entrée or part of the main dish.”

Because of their smaller-than-average size GEM avocados, a special South African variety, often go to waste because growers deem them unsuitable for export.

The amount of energy it takes to produce avocados means that these golden beauties are now being considered for sale. Benefiting sustainable agriculture and our brunch game – its a win, win!

Currently exclusively available in Tesco across the UK we’re hoping Irish supermarket shelves will soon have a gilded edge too.

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