Get Your Goat this Goatober at Meet Me In The Morning’s First Ever Dinner Event

Meet Me In The Morning

Roasted, raw, curried, baked, or skewered, billy goat meat is a delicious and versatile, but much under-used meat. In a month long celebration of the meat, this Goatober restaurants across Ireland and the UK are incorporating billy goat meat, a waste product from the dairy industry, into their menus.

For Dublin’s only Goatober event, Meet Me In The Morning, winner of Best Café in Dublin 2017 Irish Restaurant Awards will host their first ever dinner event, on Saturday 21st October.

Urging diners to try goat meat, Meet Me In The Morning will serve a seven-course menu using goat meat or milk in each course, paired with three natural wines from La Caveau.

As is common practice at the cafe, all ingredients are locally produced, including goat meat from Broughgammon Farm, vegetables from McNally Family Farm, mushrooms from Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms, and lots of home-picked foraged ingredients too.

Diners can expect delights such as a goat kidney and liver taco, oat croquettes and whey and for dessert apple, with Tony’s honeycomb, sweet chestnut, and goat custard.

The dinner takes Saturday, 21st October 2017, at 7.30pm at Meet Me In The Morning at on Pleasant’s Street, Dublin 8.

Tickets are 75€ per person available on WeFiFo.

Originally launched in America in 2010 in the US, it is now an annual campaign every year in October which sees over 50 New York City restaurants feature goat on their menu for the full month of October including Gramercy Tavern, Babbo, Spotted Pig and Bar Boulud and the campaign’s success continues to grow. Goatober was first launched at The Jugged Hare in Barbican and saw over 40 restaurants take part.

Becky and Charlie Cole Broughgammon. Credit Trish Deseine Home

#Goatober UK was launched in London 2016 by ethical meat champion and producer James Whetlor from Cabrito Goat Meat.

This year there are events in Dublin, Northern Ireland, Bristol, London, Manchester and Somerset.
James Whetlor comments, “As an ex-chef myself, there’s nothing that delights me more than seeing top chefs prepping our goat in imaginative, inspired and delicious ways.”

“It’s now possible to sit down in fantastic restaurants to a pile of harissa scented goat chops or goat Soulaki, goat tacos or Indian style pulled goat shoulder or a British classic of boned and rolled stuffed saddle. Britain has woken up to what the rest of the world has known for some time; goat meat is delicious!”

For full details of Goatober Dublin and other events visit

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