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Go on a Food Follow Spree – Exciting Irish Chefs on Instagram

Is anyone else *slightly* ashamed of their screen time report on a daily basis? With so much deliciousness to gawk at on Instagram, I find myself scrolling, liking, bookmarking and mentally planning my next meal at least once an hour.

I blame the chefs. With restaurants closed, many of Ireland’s best have upped their social media game to create regular crave-worthy content to get us through. In a way, choosing chefs for this list was a tremendously easy task, but it was also extremely difficult to narrow it down to just 10 doing delicious things on Instagram.

My list shaped up with two prevailing themes – those who will have us wanting to lick the screen by pointing us in the direction of everywhere we MUST eat once we can dine out again and those who will help us level up in our own kitchens with recipes we can get stuck into straight away.

Eric Matthews

We’re long time fans of Eric Matthews’ Michelin star sorcery as Head Chef of Chapter One. However, it was undoubtedly the emergence of his “Cabin Fever Classics” Insta cooking series during lockdown that won our hearts completely. Follow Matthews for the perfect mix of hilarity (along with his brilliant co-host and now fiancée, Ciara) and honestly drool-inducing step by step dishes from cacio e pepe to boullaibaise. Throw in wine pairings by Deveney’s Dundrum and you’ll never suffer from cabin fever again.

Grainne O’Keeffe

Following Grainne means my next burger craving is never too far away as she shows off BuJo’s jaw-dropping creations and collaborations with culinary heavyweights like Mickael Viljanen (obviously another must follow). I’ve been known to stalk Grainne’s profile for Clanbrassil House meal kit updates and I’m not even embarrassed, because the answer to “any hash?” when CH hashbrown fries are involved is *always* yes.

Mark Moriarty

A familiar TV chef face, Mark Moriarty is normally found in the kitchen of two Michelin star the Greenhouse, but now he can basically be in yours too with his seriously tempting stories and food highlights. I am drooling over his recipes and reels, from mac and cheese with a difference to braised beef cheek and pomme mousseline. Oh, and…Cornflake.Fried.Wings. In honey butter. Good lord – need I say more?

Tara Gartlan

While we’re on the topic of the Greenhouse, talented pastry chef Tara Gartlan shares excellent, detailed recipes for classics like Battenberg and lemon tart in her stories, all saved to a very tempting line up of highlights. Add that to behind the scenes shots of intricate, irresistible looking Greenhouse desserts and even some very tempting cocktail recipes and you’ll see why Tara is a must-follow for those of us with a sweet tooth.

Darren Hogarty

Dessert lovers, if you’re not following Chapter One’s exceptional head pastry chef, you’re doing it wrong. His feed is a one stop shop for every dessert craving you may ever have. If you have a couple of hours on your hands (eh, who doesn’t?), how on earth will you choose between his Paris Brest and Kinder delice recipes? Broken down into manageable steps, his pastry projects sound like the perfect way to pass the day in the kitchen to me.

Jeeny Maltese

Culinary Queen, Chef Jeeny Maltease is a long time friend of TheTaste and we love nothing more than whipping up some of her super healthy recipes. Jeeny is a must follow for anyone that endeavours to put a healthy slant on eating indulgently. You will most likely be very familiar with Jeeny’s work from her regular television appearances and in the days of food festivals the lovely Jeeny and her handsome husband Tom were never far from a stage. We are so looking forward to the return of those days.

Daniel Lambert

Daniel is somewhat of a TikTok superstar these days, creating mouthwatering fast food and making it fun. If you’re not a TikTok-er, you can find many of his delicious recipes on Insta too. I’m pretty sure this guy kept many people sane in earlier lockdowns with his McDonald’s Egg McMuffin dupe, and his more recent TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s burger looks like it could do the same. Now, he did once deep fry a Toblerone, but a healthy dose of his beautiful, lighter dishes at Harvey’s Point make Lambert’s Insta an all-rounder.

Andy Noonan

Pitmaster extraordinaire Andy Noonan, the genius behind Baste BBQ and the Big Grill Festival, is a must follow for carnivores everywhere. Andy’s feed is packed with nuggets of good food news, from unveiling new Baste creations (Hello Jameson-spiked Hunzo Hot Sauce) to announcing epic dinner kit collabs with fellow purveyors of deliciousness like Spezzatura and Lil Portie. Also, I could watch close up footage of brutish and burnished BBQ sugar pit beef ribs all day long.

Gareth Mullins

You’ll recognise the Marker’s Gareth Mullins from the Six O’Clock Show, where he shares everything from midweek meals with a five star touch to show stoppers for the perfect night in. His Instagram is no different, and you can expect expert tips and tricks to elevate your home cooking in his saved highlights. Gareth makes everything look so easy and makes you want to dive right in to kitchen, or sign up for one of his new online cookery classes.

Conor Spacey

Always inspiring, always innovative, Conor Spacey is a sustainability champion shining a spotlight on all the ways we can be more conscious in the kitchen and reduce our food waste. He has just introduced “Fighting Food Waste Fridays” on Insta, where you can ask him anything on reducing food waste at home and get an answer on his stories. I’m looking forward to lots of funky fermented recipes and innovative ideas to use up every last bit of my veggies.


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