Gluten and Wheat Free Lavender Cake by Sinead Vaughan of Antoinette’s Bakery

This cake is a big hit in Antoinette’s Bakery. Many customers are a little dubious about the unusual title ingredient but once they try it they are hooked. Some customers are so keen to see it on the shelf that they bring us fresh lavender from their gardens to hasten productivity! Patience is key with gluten free baking, the more time and care you put into your bake the better the result. Whip this up for your next celebration and see if anyone notices the gluten free difference!

Butter 250g
Sugar 250g
Lavender seeds 2 tbsp, rinsed
Eggs 4
Vanilla 1 tsp
White Rice Flour 180g
Corn Flour 50g
Gram Flour 20g
Baking Powder 2 tsp
Xanthan Gum 1 tsp
In a mug: 2-3 tbsp of boiling water

1. Read the recipe through thoroughly before starting!
2. Cream the butter, seeds and sugar together until light and creamy. If you are using a hand mixer or a stand mixer turn the machine up to high and allow at least 5 minutes of mixing. If you are making this mix by hand, enlist help. It is key to incorporate as much air as possible at this stage to ensure your cake is spongy and light.
3. Add the eggs slowly, beating after each addition. Try to avoid curdling the mixture as the lighter and fluffier it is now, the lighter and springier it will be once baked.
4. Sieve in the flours, gum and baking powder. Gently, with the mixer speed on low or by hand, mix together. Add in the hot water and mix gently. Do not over mix at this stage.
5. Line two 7” tins with parchment and grease the sides with butter or coconut oil. Evenly apportion the mixture into the tins. Smooth out the tops as much as you can with a spatula. If possible place the two tins on the same oven rack so they will cook at the same time.
6. Bake at 180’C/gas mark 4 for thirty mins until springy. Insert a toothpick to check if the sponge is fully cooked. Your oven is not the same as mine!
7. Allow to cool fully until you turn it out of the tins. You can make your frosting while you wait.

Icing (also perfect for cupcakes)

Icing Sugar 500g
Butter 160g
Milk 50ml
Lavender seeds 1 teaspoon

1. Mix butter and sugar together until you can’t see the butter anymore.
2. Add milk, seeds and vanilla, on slow, and mix. Now turn up the power and beat for a few minutes until fluffy and delicious! Again allow at least 5 mins mixing.
3. Once the sponges are fully cool you can level them off with a bread knife, if they have risen unevenly. These scraps are all for you!
4. As though you were buttering a sandwich, spread the frosting on top of one sponge, covering it evenly with a palette knife.
5. Place the second sponge on top and repeat the last step. If you are feeling confident, you can coat the sides of the cake too.
6. Decorate the cake however you like. Leave it plain, scatter with seeds or fresh flowers! There are no rules here!



Sinead Vaughan3Sinead owns Antoinette’s Bakery, a 100% gluten and wheat free cake and coffee shop in Dublin 8. The shelves of her shop are laden with gluten free brownies, dairy free gingerbread, vegan doughnuts and much coveted cheese pastry rolls. Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 6 years ago whilst studying Baking and Pastry arts, Sinead insists that coeliacs can have their cake and eat it too!

Antoinette’s Bakery Antoinette’s Bakery

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