Gin Tea Cocktail Recipe by Fonté Coffee Roasters

Gin Tea Cocktail Recipe by Fonté Coffee Roasters

If cocktails are your cup of tea, this tempting tipple is sure to please. Next time someone calls round for tea, surprise them with this fabulous tea cocktail using Fonté’s delicious range of herbal teas.

Tip: For best flavours use Tanqueray gin and Fonté Peaceful Tea Time which has is a mix of lavender, hibiscus and black liquorice root. Earl Grey and Camomile are also good Fonté teas to use.

Serves 4


8 ounces of gin
 4 Fonté Peaceful Tea Time bags
 Pink grapefruit
 Wedge of lemon
 Fresh raspberries
 Black peppercorn
 Orange twist or slice of fresh thyme


1. Decant the gin into a jug, placing 4 Fonté tea bags into the jug and cover for 90 minutes.
2. After 90 minutes discard the teabags and the gin is ready to pour.
3. Pour on plenty of ice, in a large goblet and garnish with pink grapefruit, wedge of lemon, fresh raspberries, strawberries, black peppercorn, orange twist or slice of fresh thyme.
4. Add mixer and enjoy the refreshing taste of Fonté tea infused gins.

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