Drinking In The Dark
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Delight The Senses At This Stimulating Drinking In The Dark Gin Tasting

Ginthusiasts are challenged to test their palates to create their ultimate Gin and Tonic at an exciting gin tasting event.

The ever popular Drinking in the Dark series is back again to excite the senses of gin lovers. Beefeater 24 and House have teamed up to bring an stimulating sensory event designed to surprise and delight guests.

Taking place on Monday the 23rd of July in House Leeson Street this gin tasting will see guests enjoy a night of Drinking in the Dark. You will be creating exclusive aperitifs, tasting carefully crafted cocktails and hear interesting talks on this iconic brand.

Using taste, touch and smell you will create your very own bespoke Gin & Tonic without the use of one of our most relied upon senses – sight.

Drinking In The Dark

Upon arrival to the event guests will be given a unique Beefeater 24 cocktail while experts will be on hand to give fun talks about one of the nations favourite tipples.

Descend from the light into the darkness as you are given a blindfold and a nose peg as you are challenged to make the ultimate G&T.

The event will transform your perception of how to drink this much loved drink. Are you a devout elderflower and strawberry garnish lover? Think again as you sample delicious delights to pimp up your gin.

Drinking In The Dark

Master Distiller, Desmond Payne, has created Beefeater 24 using twelve specifically selected bontonicals including Chinese Green Tea and Japanese Sencha. Payne has over 50 years experience in distilling and is the world’s most experienced gin master.

The fragrant botanical blend gives Beefeater 24 its signature taste of grapefruit peel with a beautiful smoothness from almond and coriander seed.

Tickets for this multi-sensory experience start at €24 and are available on Eventbrite. Log on here to snap up your tickets.

For more information on House and find out more about upcoming events log onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.