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Galway Wine Lovers
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Galway Wine Lovers – A Wine Tasting Course is Coming Your Way

Calling Galway wine lovers and enthusiasts, there is a fabulous wine appreciation course starting this February!

This six-session course is run by A Wine Idea and aims to deliver in-depth wine knowledge to wine enthusiasts. Lead by Sevgi Tuzel (Oenologist & Viticulturist), this Galway based business offers wine appreciation courses, wine tastings, workshops and wine consultancy, are ideal for both the enthusiast and wine industry professionals.

The first session starts with “From Grape To Glass”, which is based on an introduction to wine & wine tasting, in order to communicate easily with each other on the following sessions.

Galway Wine Lovers

The following five sessions feature topics including “Themed Workshops” and “Wines of the World”. Themed Workshops covers different hot-topics such as indigenous varieties, food & wine pairing, organic & biodynamic wines, sparkling wines, fortified & sweet wines and more. During “Wines of the World” you gain great knowledge about the main wine producing countries.

This upcoming wine appreciation course includes topics such as From Grape to Glass, France, Old World & New World, Spain & Portugal, Secrets of Food & Wine Pairing, Germany & Austria & Hungary. The two-hour “From Grape to Glass” wine appreciation course is designed for people who are passionate or interested in wine and want to learn more about the wonderful world of wine. The first session will start on Saturday 9th February 2019, at Black Gate Cultural Centre in Galway at 17:00 pm.Galway Wine Lovers

During this wine appreciation course you will;
– Learn about different wine aromas with our wine aroma kit using real fruits, herbs and spices.
– Taste up to 8 different wines.
– Get an introduction to winemaking and grape growing.
– Learn how to taste wine and about common wine faults.
– Get an Introduction to food & wine pairings.
– Take-home learning material & tasting notes.

Booking is essential for Galway wine lovers who wish to attend. For more information and booking online, please visit

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