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Galway Pub Promises Free Drink on Monday 1st May 2017 if it Rains!

In Ireland, rain is something we don’t wish for as we usually have an unlimited supply. However, on May 1st 2017 there is a reason that we all might pray for rain, even though it is officially the start of summer. McNamee’s, a pub located in Galway has said it will give out free drink on May 1st if it rains!

In a post on their Facebook page last night it stated, “I’m willing to take the greatest gamble of the century by announcing that if it rains in Loughrea on the first day of summer 1 May 2017 you will not have to pay for beverages”.

To get on the guest list for the day, people who want to attend are asked to like and share the post and tag 3 friends. Once on the guest list, a boarding pass will be emailed to you. The boarding pass must be presented at MCNamee’s to gain entry.

All those on the guest list will have an exciting Bank Holiday weekend hoping for rain on Monday for the perfect hangover cure.

For more information, visit McNamee’s Facebook page.